What is Cypher Adikts?

Cypher Adikts is not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself …

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We’ve kept you waiting long enough! After careful planning we’re finally announcing what we have tirelessly been working on for Day 2 of the Cypher Adikts 4 Year Anniversary. Going Down Sunday January 18th 2015, we bring you Cypher Adikts Unplugged!

CA_Unplugged logo

This has been in the works with us for a minute now. However, with all the social media attention we have been seeing lately surrounding different events/organizations and debates on whether or not they are serving a purpose in the scene, there’s no better time to highlight the importance of creating a direct dialogue within the breaking community and some of the people we feel have been directly involved in, contributed and have been just straight up representing within our culture.

We mean it when we talk about the importance behind giving back to the community. Education has long been an area that Cypher Adikts has wanted to become deeply involved in. The name “Unplugged” was brought about as a way to take the dancers away from the typical workshop or event setting, introducing them to a world beyond competitions and bring them down to the “nitty gritty”. Using the same approach we use for our event is how we would like to educate. It’s not about the classroom with nice mirrors and floors or about the students following the teachers foot steps. We want to create an exchange and an unforgettable experience in where the student and teacher can connect on a more personal level.


The inspiration for Unplugged began with CA’s very own, Ervin Arana. For almost 5 years, Ervin has been very consistent with his series of workshops in Los Angeles called The Break Down. It all started with him teaching intermediate breaking classes to students at CSULB. His experience there helped him fine tune his teachings into more of a mental/ psychological approach. He then began to host his own bboy/bgirl workshops inviting special guests to come share their experience with the local scene and build on their approach to the dance. Those guests have included Poe One, Ivan, Remind, Flo Mo Crew, Zulu Gremlin and many others.

The Break Down- Poe1

Throughout the years, the series has obtained an outstanding amount of support from the breaking community with as many as 70 students of all levels coming in from all over the Los Angeles area. Today the Break Down continues to find ways to poke your creativity and open doors that will further develop your craft. Now CA would love to recreate the positive impact that “The Break Down” has generated by dedicating our second day of celebration through intensive education at Cypher Adikts Unplugged.

We have brought together 3 individuals that span at least 4 generations within the culture and offer up a wealth of knowledge that they are each eager to share with us at Cypher Adikts Unplugged. This will be a full day of Bboy/Bgirl workshops & open discussion designed to help us open up both our creativity and our minds. Now let’s introduce you to our three special Guests…

     RoxRite      Ken Swift      Ivan

Unless you are completely brand new to Breaking, you should already be familiar with each of these three faces and what they represent to us. We have Bboy Roxrite (Renegade Rockers/ The Squadron), Bboy Ivan (AKA the Urban Action Figure) and none other than the man himself, Prince Ken Swift (BreakLife/Seven Gemz). Each one will contribute their own unique approach and perspective on the dance and we will be sharing a little more about them in the coming weeks.

This is for everyone, all ages, all levels. However this will not be your average workshop, this is something special y’all! Although there will be dancing involved, we are not asking you to come out and just learn moves. We’re asking everyone who is interested to take a step back from social media, from youtube, unplug yourselves entirely from what you think you know and be prepared to join us for a day to build in person, live & direct with some of the best to ever do it!!

We are well aware that Cypher Adikts is not the first to do something like this, but being that one of our main goals is to preserve the essence of the dance, this was one more way for us to do it and we’re hyped to be able to share this type of experience in Los Angeles for our 4 Year Anniversary.

Knowledge is power and we know sometimes not everyone can afford to attend classes like this, so as a way to thank you for all the support throughout the years we’re making Day 2 completely FREE. You heard us right, NO COVER. So please make sure you don’t take Day 2 of our Anniversary for granted, opportunities like this don’t come often. It will be memorable to say the least.

Stay tuned for exact times schedule & location! But plan for a full day on January 18th 2015 for DAY 2 at CYPHER ADIKTS UNPLUGGED!!


Photo Credits:
Poe One Photo by: Ervin Arana
Roxrite Photo by: Carlos Cruz
Ken Swift Photo By: Sato/Reptilian Tank
Bboy Ivan Photo by: Ervin Arana



Cypher Adikts will be returning to Chi-Town in collaboration with PHAZE II !! We’re hyped to team up once again with this legendary crew to help celebrate their 32nd Year Anniversary starting with a chill BBQ Park Jam by day and partying it up with the Adikts by night!! COME GET DOWN WITH US!!



Presented by: Jeskilz & Music provided by: Ervin Arana
When: Friday July 4th 2014
Time: 9pm-12am
Cover: $5


2412 W. North Ave.
Chicago, IL. 60647

NET-Cypher-Adikts-CHICAGOCA has no boundaries when it comes to the cypher. If you’ve ever been to one of our events, you know ANYTHING can happen! Bboys, Bgirls, spontaneous Salsa showdowns, party rockers, freestylers and Poppers! It varies from City to City and each style has always come correct! This brings us to our featured Dancer for this edition of Cypher Adikts, Boogie Frantick!

Hailing from the city of Pacoima out of Los Angeles Cali, growing up Frantick used the tasteful art of poppin, miming techniques and other dances in order to avoid negative actions. From a child dancing at the age of 3, to local battles at parties & High School dances, then on to clubs & world wide competitions or performing in front of billions of viewers on the Academy Awards in 2010, Frantick has shown extreme dedication along with passion in his dance everywhere he goes. He also represents with crews such as Mighty Zulu Kings, Funny Bones Crew and involved in his communities youth organization, The GR818ers where he shares the knowledge and understanding of Hip Hop Culture. He has appeared in performances with the LXD, Subtance Over Hype and many feature films. But don’t get it twisted, he is not at all phased by the typical “Hollywood” scene. Frantick makes sure to keep true to his roots by supporting local events, community benefits, holding’ it down in local competitions and putting the smack down in the Cypher. A true West Coast Warrior and an all around CYPHER ADIKT!

Big shout out to photographer Vinnie Estrada for the ill shot of Frantick at the Cypher Adikts 3 Year Anniversary back in January.Always catching those hype moments for us! Last but not least, A big thank you to Boogie Frantick for always coming through to bless the floor at CA!

This is all going down as part of a whole week of festivities with Power Style Fest 2014, which includes events such as Who Came to Serve: the Final Stampede and the Freestyle Session Qualifier! There are so many ill events happening July 1st through the 6th so make sure to click on the link HERE to see the full line up! There’s something for everyone and you won’t want to miss out on any of the action!!


We’ll see you soon Chi-Town!!!

In case you missed out the last time we were in town, here’s a recap of the madness that went down at the last CA Chicago. ENJOY!

Cypher Adikts 3 Year Anniversary Recap!

VE 5

There are not enough words to express how happy we were on the outcome of our 3 Year Anniversary in Los Angeles last weekend. Not only were we excited to bring back the party to where it all began, we were hyped to have added to our celebration by incorporating a second day and collaborating with some really talented people.

Kevin Rhone 10Day 1 of our celebration went down in classic Cypher Adikts style. Last year we loved the venue we obtained for the event and this year had to top it, if not equally meet everything we envisioned. A gritty Downtown LA location in an industrial area, set away from our usual venues. We were lucky enough to find the perfect spot nestled within the garment district in DTLA, so the good folks over at Think Tank Gallery let us come in to their gallery style loft and take over for the night. We kept our formula as simple as always, red lights, a good floor and slammin’ beats! We’re ready to go!

VE 40As expected, there were already people lined up outside in the hall before doors were set to open. We love seeing the hunger in people who just want to come out and get down. As soon as we opened our doors, people came in and were ready to go! As always Ervin Arana set the perfect tone for the night providing a blend of raw Hip Hop beats, Funk, Breaks and latin flavor. There was something for everyone to get hype off of. People were going off everywhere and some fun battles set off throughout the night, most notably between Killafornia/Style Elements vs Sztewite Gang from Poland, Definitely the battle of the night!

CA x Still1-11Around 11:30pm Jungle Fire hit the floor and blessed CA with yet another set in Collaboration with Ervin Arana. The two got together to create a set list of classic beats performed LIVE! There’s truly nothing like live music and the addition of JF once again helped to create an extra special flow to the party. In the end, Ervin finished the night off smoothly with some low key beats to wind it down. Day 1 was indeed a compete success with over 300 people that walked through our doors, each one of them adding to a very memorable night.

Next, it was on to Day 2 of the celebration. We wanted to do things a little differently this year with the addition of our first ever Photography & Art Show “A Portrait of Hip Hop: From the Inside Out”.


As a whole, we’re very big on promoting education when it comes to the culture and we wanted to remind the community about the importance of recognizing other elements within our scene. Afterall, this is Hip Hop and it’s a lot bigger than Breaking. In this day we have noticed that a lot of the younger generation on the come up have forgotten this, so the purpose of Saturday was to showcase different perspectives of the culture through the talents & eyes of Photographers such as Joe Conzo, Ervin Arana & Still1 as well as expression through artists East3, Miguel Angel Godoy, Hueman & Curator for the night, Easy Roc. All who brought very unique interpretations of Hip Hop to the table.

Ervin Arana 7When it came to our Photographers, we were lucky enough to have had three different generations displaying images. Joe Conzo, who Time Magazine refers to as “The man who took Hip Hop’s Baby pictures” displayed classic and iconic images of Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush Brothers and other notable pioneers that were responsible in shaping what we now know as Hip Hop. There was no question that Conzo’s participation would be a perfect addition to the show. His extensive Archive of images were a visual treat to our guest. We’re very grateful to have had him out to be a part of it. While Ervin Arana out of Long Beach, Ca. displayed shots of his adventures throughout the 90′s and early 2000′s, images of those who helped to shape a whole new generation of legends that include Ivan, Remind, K-Mel, Wicket and veterans such as Ken Swift, AlienNess & Mos Def just to name a few. The addition of Still1 was simple. As someone who has supported CA since the beginning, he has captured tons of images of moments throughout the first year of CA. He has also shot an entirely new group of established as well as up & coming dancers who are already leaving their mark in the scene. All beautifully captured showing style & character. This part of the show served as a time capsule spanning decades of classic moments caught on film.

Ervin Arana 3

EMAJYN 13Our artists equally stole the show. East3 out of Hawaii displayed his illustrations throughout the gallery. His work will always stand out from the rest. His Unique writing style and characters capture a classic aesthetic with a modern twist within Hip Hop. Hailing from the Bay Area, Hueman’s addition to the show was of the female variety with her work “Girl Talk” which added a feminine touch to the show. A big treat for us was having Miguel Angel Godoy take the stage to paint LIVE as passers by gathered to watch him create a live portrait of the legendary Frosty Freeze. A few of his pieces were also displayed throughout the gallery and added a beautiful touch of color with his abstract & free form style. Last but certainly not least we had the pleasure of including EasyRoc as our official curator for the night, who also provided his own artifacts and artistic direction to the show, displaying countless hand drawn fliers he had designed throughout the years as well as old refurbished spray cans resurrected and repurposed into beautiful works of art. His addition to the show definitely helped to pull all artist together to create one perfect flow for the night paired along with the sounds of DJ Destroyer.

Caddy 2

We can’t express how important it was for us to include this show as part of our weekend. We appreciate everyone who walked through our doors that night because it really showed us that you cared beyond the dance floor or beyond any other element. We took a lot of joy in seeing younger cats faces light up when entering the room. We can see the appreciation and inspiration from you that night and we thank you. We’d like to point out the importance of opening up yourself to other forms of Art. At least 3 of our artists featured this night are perfect examples of people who have crossed over to different areas within Hip Hop, dabbling in not only Art or Photography, but also serving as accomplished and respected Bboys, DJ’s and MC’s. Truly embodying the Life Style to the fullest. We hope the younger generation can open up their minds to do the same.

To close out the weekend we hosted our official After party at the Blu Monkey in Hollywood along side new resident to the city of Los Angeles, Boston’s own DJ Lean Rock! His addition to the night contributed to the perfect ending to our 3 Year celebration and along with Ervin Arana had the party jumping all night! Thanks to everyone that came through to close out the festivities.

CA x Still1 AfterParty

Thank you’s go out to;

-The Band Jungle Fire for killing another live set! Your Collab means a lot to us!

-Our Artists & Photographers: Joe Conzo, Ervin Arana, East3, Miguel Angel Godoy, Still1, Hueman. All your work was amazing!

- Easy Roc for curating the show and helping to bring our vision to life!

- The folks at Think Tank Gallery for providing us with their amazing space. Thank you Jacob and Jordan for all your help throughout the weekend

- DJ Destroyer for setting the mood at our Art show Saturday. Your tunes added a very classy touch to the night!

- DJ Lean Rock for rocking the after Party & Wenluv for allowing us to take over the Blu Monkey for the Night.

- Our Team for the weekend; The one and only Deby Barnes for regulating the door like only you do! You definitely always come through for CA! Lady Lex, Ricky Rocany, Kippy, and Danny_Sway for sticking around and helping with set up/Break down. You guys did WORK!

- Our Documentarians of the night: Still1, Emajyn, VEPhotos, Darlene Bada, Kevin Rhone, ShizCity, Cheryl Guerrero and Jordan from Think Tank.

Last and definitely not least we’d like to thank YOU, OUR SUPPORTERS! Thank you for sharing our passion and dedication to our culture and supporting the CA Movement. It is because of you that we continue and will continue to bring our event to many different communities throughout the world. We feel the love! We read all of your comments and feedback and we appreciate all of you for taking the time to come out and party with us. Best believe CA will strive to bring you the best for years to come! THANK YOU!!

To view more pictures from the weekend make sure to stop by our gallery by clicking here!

VE 24


We’re only 2 weeks away from our big 3 year Anniversary Celebration and we’re hyped to see who will come through to party with us! In order to make sure everyone’s aware of what’s going on, we thought of a fun way to help spread the word and also give a chance for some of our supporters to win some cool CA items!

The contest will run exclusively on IG & FB, 1 winner from each social media outlet will be selected.

Participate for your chance to win: FREE entrance to the Anniversary event + Cypher Adikts string bag + A CA T-Shirt of your choice + CA lanyard + CA Anniversary Poster + Stickers and more!!

1) repost this flier
2) describe what Cypher Adikts represents to you
3) hashtag #CA3YR and #cypheradikts

Make sure to tag or we won’t be able to find you!

Two winners will be announced Friday morning January 17th 2014! START SPREADING THE WORD!!



It’s been 3 Years since our humble beginnings in Los Angeles, Cali. 2013 has especially been one of our busiest yet, traveling around the world and sharing the Cypher Adikts movement with different countries has been an amazing experience and we’ve been very fortunate to have been embraced by different communities around the world! We’re finally headed back home and we wouldn’t want to celebrate a milestone like this anywhere else. GET READY LOS ANGELES!

Jeskilz presents
Cypher Adikts 3 Year Anniversary
Friday January 17th & 18th, 2014

Music provided by Ervin Arana
Hosted by Koolski

Special Performance by
Making their return to the CA Stage with a BRAND NEW set to keep the party hype!

9pm-1am | $10.00 Cover (Includes a raffle ticket for next day’s art show) | All Ages
Location: Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015
Plenty of Parking Available
(street meters free after 6pm, private lots also available)

This Year we wanted to make it twice as nice by adding a 2nd day into the mix!

DAY 2: Cypher Adikts Presents: “A PORTRAIT OFHIP HOP: FROM THE INSIDE OUT” curated by Easy Roc
Saturday January 18th 2014

A collaborative photo and artwork exhibition between amazing talented artists: JOE CONZO | ERVIN ARANA | EASY ROC | EAST3 | STILL ONE | MIGUEL ANGEL GODOY | HUEMAN

Nowadays our culture tends to separate the different elements of Hip Hop making it harder for young heads to embrace them all. For our 3 year anniversary we thought it would be a great opportunity to gather, build and share our love for Hip Hop beyond the dance floor through this art show. The meet and greet with the artists will offer an inside out perspective of their unique approach to the culture. You will also be able to witness live art and get a chance to win some of the pieces featured in the show by entering the raffle.

Time: 6PM-9PM | FREE
Location: Think Tank Gallery
939 Maple Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90015

5521 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028
DJ’s Ervin Arana & Lean Rock providing the tunes

It’s going to be an action packed 2 days with the Adikts!! So make those plans to come out to party with us and celebrate 3 Years of Freshness!!

Visit and RSVP to the official FB Event page by clicking here! and take a look at this quick recap from last years anniversary put together by our friends over at Strife.TV

Cypher Adikts x FSC20 Recap

Over a week ago we traveled over to Phoenix Arizona to collaborate with the infamous Furious Styles Crew as they celebrated 20 Years of involvement within Hip Hop Culture. FSC is one of the most notorious crews in Arizona with members extending across the US and overseas. This family runs deep and we were more than hyped to be apart of the weekend commemorating their milestone achievement!


With FSC, its not just a weekend affair. They kick things off early in the week with workshops, panels and even a pre party at AZ’s legendary Blunt Club with none other than Z-TRIP (also an FSC member)! However, the main events started on Friday and this time Cypher Adikts was there to set off the weekend correct at Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts. With the wonderful help of Skooby and House we transformed a section of the space into the classic CA layout. Local Bboys & Bgirls, as well as out of towners all came through to support and in no time got CA crackin’ in Phoenix!

There were a lot of great circles going off all night, a couple that stand out would have to be the one near the booth with Remind (SEC). This cypher wasn’t just on some Bboy/Bgirl business, folks were going off straight party rocking and having fun. You couldn’t help but feel nice just witnessing the energy in that Cypher. Another one had to be with Bboy House. Not only was this FSC20 weekend, it also happened to be FSC president Bboy House’s Birthday! So Another great moment came at the end of the night when fellow FSC members presented House with a custom FSC Denim Jacket, followed by rounds for the Bday Boy. Everyone took part in that circle wishing him the best and let us tell you THE MAN IS A BEAST, responding to everyone’s rounds like a champ! They say Hip Hop is the fountain of youth, House is definitely a great example of that, coming out with some insane energy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSE! Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did.CAPHX42

Saturday was the official prelim day to kick off the battles for FSC20. Categories included 2v2 All Styles, Locking 7toSmoke, House Battles, Rocking Battles hosted by RobNasty, Footwork Battles and Alien Ness’ concept battle; Color Warz. A crew on crew Bboy battle in which members of the losing team would have to remove their shirts and hand them over to the winning team after each battle was over. This category was definitely pretty dope to watch. Crews from Cali, Chicago, New Mexico, Arizona and more all came through to rep and rock to defend their colors. There was definitely no holding back when it came to any of these prelims as competitors fought to ensure they locked down their spot in the Top16 on Day two. In the end, the winners were…

Open Styles: Joe Styles & 4Real

Footwork: Crissy B (Rock So Fresh)

Rocking: Suer (Time to Rock)

House: X (Jukebox)

Popping: Team Panic (Johnny 5 & D.O.C.)

Locking 7 to smoke: Joe Styles (A-Team)

And Color Warz winner: Dynasty Descendants took home the W… along with everyones shirts!

The weekend was a success! From the pre-parties, to Cypher Adikts, to the FSC main event and then the after parties, everything made up for a good time in Arizona! Big ups to the entire Furious Styles Family for putting on another successful event and for 20 years of contribution to the community. Big shout out to Skooby and House for the support in making Cypher Adikts happen in AZ. We’re honored to have been apart of your weekend. Happy Anniversary and we wish you many more to come.

Furious Styles is deeply involved with their local scene. We highly encourage everyone and anyone to get involved in helping Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts, stay up an running in order to further benefit their community. They celebrate 2 YEARS in January and will be doing a special fundraising event. Click here for more info on how you can help #SaveCyphers

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more shots from CA Phoenix and Check out footage from the Final Battle for Color Warz between Dynasty Descendants vs. Killa Style Elements

Outbreak 10 Year Anniversary: A lasting Impression


This past weekend the Cypher Adikts team and fam traveled to Orlando, Florida in support of The Bboy Spot’s 10 year Anniversary for Outbreak USA. It was a bitter sweet celebration as this also served as the final Chapter for one of the USA’s most talked about events. Outbreak, has indeed come to an end and it went out with a bang.

Day one started off just right with a pool party at the Avanti Resort were most of the out of town guest stayed. DJ’s Lean Rock and CA’s very own Ervin Arana came correct with their musical selections to get everyone movin’ in the sunshine. Sun Bathing, building, people getting thrown in the pool, it was all good times and the perfect way to ease on into an action packed weekend.

Once the pool party came to an end it was onto The Bboy Spot as Florida’s very own Fusik took the stage to set the tone as they played live to a packed house. Everywhere we looked there were cyphers galore filled with dancers going off! Fusik definitely tore that night up! Moving into Day two they started off with workshops featuring instructors Focus (FlowMo) El Nino (Floor Lords) and Lego who also served as the Judges. People definitely took advantage of learning from these three, the workshops were packed!

Once the workshops were over, Day 2 came into full swing! People came through ready and hungry for the prelim rounds of Footwork, 2v2 and Bgirl categories. There were over 160 crews from all over the world that entered, we can’t even begin to imagine how the judges narrowed it down to the top 16. All categories featured top talent on prelim day and we’re cure the task of picking was n ot an easy one. The highlight after would definitely have to be what turned out to be a full on party as Ervin Arana spun the classics in the outdoor area where artist displayed their ill and one of a kind pieces! Such a perfect setting! The weather was right and it felt like the perfect summer block party. He even had a soul train line going on at one point. Truly an ill way to end the night. It left everyone feeling good, relaxed and ready to head into Day three.

The final day was a culmination of all the hard work each crew and person put into preparing for the battles. One word to describe each one of them? HYPE! It was amazing to see talent representing all corners of the world. Japan, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Colombia and the list goes on!

Winners of Outbreak 10 - Photo by The Bboy Spot

Winners of Outbreak 10 – Photo by The Bboy Spot

In the end the victory went to Keebz of Mind 180 winning the Footwork Battle, Sweet Technique (Vicious and Fléau) out of Montreal Canada winning the 2v2, Kid Glyde of Dynamic Rockers as Cypher King and CA’s very own Jeskilz taking the W in the Bgirl battle. The excitement of every moment was truly unforgetable, especially in the end when the winners were announced and Lean Rock went into party mode to celebrate.


What an exceptional way for Outbreak to come to a close. Seeing familiar faces, building with
new ones and absorbing every second in celebrating 10 years of Outbreak was magic. If you missed it, we are truly sorry. Events like Outbreak are very few and far between. We can’t really think of many events where there are competitions and still more than enough uninterrupted time to get down in the cyphers. This was a real deal HIP HOP EVENT, there was something for everyone and the community came out in full force to support.

Congratulations to MexOne, Gina, SpenOne, MG & MK from the Bboy Spot Europe and the entire Bboy Spot Fam in general on a decade of history. Thank you for the memories and although Outbreak has reached it’s finale, you left a lasting mark on the culture. Cheers and wishing you all the best on your next journey.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by the Cypher Adikts booth to purchase some gear and Ervin’s mixes, it means a lot! Thank you!

Check out this video from Strife.TV featuring some of top moments during the Outbreak 10 Battles and cruise through the photo gallery below to view a few shots of all the action taken by supporters this past weekend!

Cypher Adikts x Break Free 2013

These next few months are starting to shape up nicely for the Cypher Adikts movement. We have some dates set up to collaborate with legendary events around the US and beyond. Coming up in October, we’ve once again teamed up with the good folks over at the Break Free Community Center for another installment of Cypher Adikts Houston! Happening Friday October 18th!

NET CypherAdikts TX 1st DraftPresented by Jeskilz and music provided by CA’s very own Ervin Arana bringing you the illest beats to set you off!

Entry: $5

Location: Break Free Community Center

9191 Winkler Dr. Suite G.

Houston, TX. 77017

The action doesn’t stop there! The next day following CA will be the 5th annual Break Free! One of the freshest Jams in the SOUTH, is back! Every year, Break Free gets better and better, but this one is promised to be the best yet! It’s their 5 Year Anniversary and they’re ready to bring some FIRE to HTOWN! This is one of Texas premier Hip Hop events featuring a 2v2 Bboy/Bgirl battle. New Blood battle, Tag team graff battles and a special invitational 7toSmoke Bboy battle featuring some of the most legendary names in the game!! Marlon, Ruen, Lil’ John, Roxrite… need we say more?

1175390_209312912568862_796554999_nPresented by Culturas Unidas, Music provided by Lean Rock, B-Ryan and DJ Fleg and your Judges for the night; Omar (MZK), Remind (SEC) and one more TBA.

Saturday October 19th – Break Free Prelims

Sunday October 20th – Break Free Finals & 7tosmoke

Entry: $15

Location: ”THE WAREHOUSE” 8002 ENDOR ST Houston, TX 77012

Time: 3pm – 10pm

If this is anything like last years you won’t want to miss it. Don’t regret it later, you still have time to get your plans in order! Make sure to visit the event pages for each day to get all the latest updates on these two monster events!

Cypher Adikts – Friday October 18th 2013

Break Free 5 – October 19th-20th

1150391_10151800715336676_750787818_nIf anyone is attending the 10 Year Anniversary of Outbreak in Orlando, Florida the weekend before and wants to attend CA & Break Free, have no fear! The folks over at the Bboy spot have your bases covered! They’ve organized a travel bus to drive from Orlando FL to Houston TX for all out of state and out of the country bboys/bgirls! But hurry, Spaces are limited. Many spots have already been spoken for so get on it and email info@thebboyspot.com or click HERE for full info.



Looking forward to getting down with our Texas people and everyone coming out to support from different cities and countries! Lets make sure to top last years! TX REPRESENT!

Create The Escape – Break Free Campaign

Community is often a word we hear a lot throughout the Hip Hop Scene. People constantly throw this word around, often times with good intention, yet not enough action. At Cypher Adikts, we don’t think it’s enough to just talk about, we need to BE ABOUT IT.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.58.17 AMBreak Free Community Center came about in 2011 as the brain child of Founder and Executive Director Moises “Moy” Rivas.  Growing up in Houston, Texas, Moy practiced and learned about Hip Hop culture at the age of 12. Today he is one of the most respected Bboys in the scene garnering attention through competition, performances and various appearances throughout the world. As a kid he always envisioned opening up a center like Break Free, providing a positive atmosphere for youth in his hometown. Having been a caseworker for at risk youth, you can definitely understand his passion of wanting to provide a creative outlet for what we know is the most important aspect of our community… our future, our YOUTH!

Since its launch in 2011, BFCC has become deeply involved within the community. Programs include daily classes, monthly events, outreach and community fundraisers just to name a few.

Often times we attend various events throughout the world and visit venues that have been created by Bboy or Bgirl entrepreneurs, not realizing the back breaking work that goes into keeping some of these facilities open. Most of the time, those facilities were created solely with the community in mind and when you’re trying to do good by your community, the thought of “profit” doesn’t really come to mind. That’s why BFCC needs your help!


BFCC is on a mission to expand and improve their current facility in order to better serve their students. Creating separate spaces for each class and quality tools within each genre to give students a better opportunity of learning hands on and remaining focused. In addition, their building also needs some TLC in order to keep operations running and safe.

Here’s how you can help!! BFCC has created a Kickstarter Campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to get these improvements underway. Visit the site, read and view their campaign and donate! It’s simple! Any little bit helps, no donation is too small. The Breaking community runs DEEP! So lets be about it, let’s take care and watch out for each other by helping out centers like BFCC! They have until August 27th to reach their goal of 25k and we need your help to spread the word! Repost, share, tweet, shout it out to the world! WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN KEEP CENTERS LIKE THIS GOING!

The deadline to donate is August 27th! So What are you waiting for? Lets show that we are united ———> BFCC KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Cypher Adikts, Slovakia Vol. 2

It’s right around the corner! Thursday July 25th Cypher Adikts returns to Slovakia as part of Hip Hop Holidays 2013!!

Last years CA Slovakia was such a success, there was absolutely no hesitation in bringing it back. Europe is no joke when it comes to Hip Hop! People came from all over to support the event and with it we experienced some of the rawest circles we had ever seen. People were hungry and we’re anxious and ready for round TWO!!

This time around we’ve teamed up with The Bboy Spot Europe, Polskee Flavour and many more for a WHOLE WEEK packed full of events that are immersed within the Hip Hop Culture. There’s something for everyone whether you’re a veteran in the game or a new comer. There’s Yalta Summer Jam, Catch The Flava’ Outbreak Camp, Hasta La Muerte 5 year Anniversary, Cypher Adikts, Outbreak Europe, and so much more!!! IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER!!

For this edition we’ve also brought in a special guest from Boston, none other than DJ LEAN ROCK to rock the party alongside our resident DJ, Ervin Arana! These two together are sure to bring the house down!

Date: Thursday July 25th 2013
Location: Skuteckého 3, 97401 Banská Bystrica
Time: 20:00 – 23:00
Cost: 5 Euros

CA SLOVAKIAFor this edition of our CA Flier we featured a young cat in the game who’s been making a huge presence in the scene, both in competitions and in the Cyphers. Vicious Victor out of Florida! Often times we’ve overheard conversations with people (young & old) who say they don’t like to waste their energy dancing before a big competition. Everyone has their own pre-game so we’re not dissing, but this guy is on a whole other level! While out in Florida for the Freestyle Session weekend we noticed Vicious Victor was just non-stop! Getting down practically all night at Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session Day 1, then all over again on day 2 as he went on to compete AND WIN the Red Bull BC One Orlando Qualifier. STRAIGHT BEAST! Like the previous people who have rocked our fliers, there is no doubt Vicious Victor is a true Cypher Adikt! Much respect to him for holding it down for his hometown and Best of luck as you go on to rep Florida at the Red Bull BC One US Finals next month!

Special Shout out to Masta Minch for snapping the shot of Vicious Victor at last months CA Orlando!

Stop by the official event page for CA Slovakia for updates and to help spread the word!

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