It’s been almost a week since our last Cypher Adikts in LA! So much has happened since, that it was hard to find the perfect moment to write and fully describe how thankful we are to everyone that came out and supported. Preserving the quality of C.A’s dope & grimy vibe in LA is always our number one priority. Los Angeles is where it all started and where we always want to go back when it’s gone a lil’ too long without it.

With Freestyle Session 15 year anniversary going on that same weekend, we knew people from all over the world would come to experience C.A for the first time. It was for that reason that we stuck with the real deal by not making it happen at a different venue, where we probably would have gained in space and temperature control, but for sure would have lost the authentic and unique feeling of our jam. We apologize for the heat, the AC was on blast but twice the amount of people than the usual came through and with the underground structure of The Basement, it quickly turned into a sauna. Lol! It didn’t stop us from having a great time but it was definitely a learning experience in terms of making sure we always provide the best conditions to those who come to rep hard and put their rep on the line.

Even though we feel like it was a successful night based on all of the positive feedback we received from people who had a blast and went home very inspired, it’s important for us to let everyone know that we’re not taking that support for granted. We’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity of spreading the Cypher Adikts mentality by taking our jam to different states and countries. However, we won’t forget where we came from. Quality is what we want to maintain and we’re not about to compromise that, so we are looking forward to the next Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles with a more intimate atmosphere, and guarantee to provide the appropriate environment in order to assure a successful jam in every way possible.

Big shout out to those who came and didn’t let the heat stop their addiction and a special thank you to Mex One, Gina and Sahra of The BBoy Spot for being part of our team that night! Your help was major!

Check out some of the pictures from Cypher Adikts LA taken by Photographer Vinnie Estrada, the highlight clip will be coming soon.


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    Its always a joyful and raw experience. C.A has taken my breakin to a whole other level. It brings out more of a hunger to cypher and more of a respect to our dance. thank you Jeskilz for bringing this out to us. much love and respect.

    kena roc. battle snakes crew.


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