Nowadays talented kids in the scene is becoming a very common thing to see, between YouTube, all the dance commercials and movies out there many young “bboys” and “bgirls” are born everyday inspired by what the media is throwing out there but sadly for the community breaking becomes more of a career  early on for many of them rather than a culture fully lived and experienced.

The main purpose of Cypher Adikts is to preserve the roots  of this dance by bringing those who share the same state of mind together and it’s refreshing to be able to witness very young catz representing with the right mind and approach. Check out this battle that went down at Cypher Adikts HoustonTX during Break Free’s weekend, between 12 year old P-nut from Self-X Crew (Chicago) and Lil D of Break Free (Texas), very different styles and skills but two bboys definitely repin right!


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