For the first time since Cypher Adikts first started in LA about a year and half ago,  we decided to join forces and partner up with Mex One and the Bboyspot in order to bring the jam to Florida ( Orlando). We knew FLA always had  one of the illest scene but had no idea what the outcome of the jam would be and what to really expect.

The hardest thing was trying to recreate the dark underground club atmosphere that we usually get at The Basement  and considering the fact that The Spot is about 3 to 4 times bigger we  were worried that the vibe wouldn’t  feel right or quickly die out… What a mistake to even doubt FLA and think that the size or lighting of the venue would stop them from being “cypher adikts” to the fullest .

Everyone came through with the right mentality and approach including the bboys and bgirls from out of state: Chicago, San Diego and Boston to name a few. As usual Ervin set the party on fire right away and no one wasted time! The cyphers got quickly “heated” in every possible way and early on the highlight of the night went down. Luigi from SkillMethodz who was visiting FLA and had  showed up at the Jam jumped in the cypher out of nowhere to call out the entire MF kidz crew.

The footage here speaks for itself, and is the perfect representation of what Cypher Adikts is mainly about, step in the circle to rep and show what you got but without disrespecting anyone and always have fun! This battle will go down as one of the greatest Cypher Adikts memories, it was real dope to see a young and united Crew such as MFKidz represent hard for their home town and to see Luigi  hold his own.
Much respect to everyone who came through and mad love to The Bboy Spot for wanting to make it happen and help spread the Cypher Adikts mentality.  Looking forward to be back in Florida soon.



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