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Cypher Adikts 5 Year Anniversary

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  JANUARY 16TH & 17TH 2016 CYPHER ADIKTS 5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (Presented by Jeskilz) ________________________________________ DAY1 SATURDAY JANUARY 16TH: 9PM TO 1AM –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Cyphers all night featuring “LEADERS OF THE GROUND” Three of the illest females battle the bboy of their choice for a minimum of 5 rounds. Preserving the party atmosphere and cypher vibe… Read more »

Cypher Adikts x FSC20 Recap

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Over a week ago we traveled over to Phoenix Arizona to collaborate with the infamous Furious Styles Crew as they celebrated 20 Years of involvement within Hip Hop Culture. FSC is one of the most notorious crews in Arizona with members extending across the US and overseas. This family runs deep and we were more… Read more » Interview with Jeskilz

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If you haven’t already, make sure you go over to to read up on their most recent interview with the woman behind the Cypher Adikts movement, Jeskilz. Conducted by East3, she breaks down some of her History from her days in Paris, New York, LA and worldwide! She also shares her views on Hip… Read more »

Cypher Adikts San Diego Recap

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Last weekend we finally got the chance to bring Cypher Adikts to San Diego Cali for the first and hopefully not the last! We have a special place in our hearts for our SD Fam. They’ve been taking the trip up to LA for pretty much every single CA since we first started, and you… Read more »

#CypherAdikts Instagram Contest


We’ve had several people tag us on Facebook and Instagram to pictures of themselves rocking the CA gear, but we thought we would take the tagging one step further to better reflect what we’re about! We love the support we’ve received from our community, but to us being a Cypher Adikt is more than repping… Read more »


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There’s only one word to describe how we felt about The Cypher Adikts 2 Year Anniversary that went down last Friday….. SUCCESS!! There was so much planning that went into this event, from the Venue, whether or not to have a special guest, giveaways for the people coming through, etc etc. we exhausted every angle…. Read more »