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Community is often a word we hear a lot throughout the Hip Hop Scene. People constantly throw this word around, often times with good intention, yet not enough action. At Cypher Adikts, we don’t think it’s enough to just talk about, we need to BE ABOUT IT.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.58.17 AMBreak Free Community Center came about in 2011 as the brain child of Founder and Executive Director Moises “Moy” Rivas.  Growing up in Houston, Texas, Moy practiced and learned about Hip Hop culture at the age of 12. Today he is one of the most respected Bboys in the scene garnering attention through competition, performances and various appearances throughout the world. As a kid he always envisioned opening up a center like Break Free, providing a positive atmosphere for youth in his hometown. Having been a caseworker for at risk youth, you can definitely understand his passion of wanting to provide a creative outlet for what we know is the most important aspect of our community… our future, our YOUTH!

Since its launch in 2011, BFCC has become deeply involved within the community. Programs include daily classes, monthly events, outreach and community fundraisers just to name a few.

Often times we attend various events throughout the world and visit venues that have been created by Bboy or Bgirl entrepreneurs, not realizing the back breaking work that goes into keeping some of these facilities open. Most of the time, those facilities were created solely with the community in mind and when you’re trying to do good by your community, the thought of “profit” doesn’t really come to mind. That’s why BFCC needs your help!


BFCC is on a mission to expand and improve their current facility in order to better serve their students. Creating separate spaces for each class and quality tools within each genre to give students a better opportunity of learning hands on and remaining focused. In addition, their building also needs some TLC in order to keep operations running and safe.

Here’s how you can help!! BFCC has created a Kickstarter Campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to get these improvements underway. Visit the site, read and view their campaign and donate! It’s simple! Any little bit helps, no donation is too small. The Breaking community runs DEEP! So lets be about it, let’s take care and watch out for each other by helping out centers like BFCC! They have until August 27th to reach their goal of 25k and we need your help to spread the word! Repost, share, tweet, shout it out to the world! WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN KEEP CENTERS LIKE THIS GOING!

The deadline to donate is August 27th! So What are you waiting for? Lets show that we are united ———> BFCC KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

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