There’s only one word to describe how we felt about The Cypher Adikts 2 Year Anniversary that went down last Friday….. SUCCESS!! There was so much planning that went into this event, from the Venue, whether or not to have a special guest, giveaways for the people coming through, etc etc. we exhausted every angle. In the end we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome we had!

In the past 2 years every C.A. has been different in terms of atmosphere and vibe. People can sometimes misunderstand  the mission behind Cypher Adikts. That’s its not about over doing it by fighting to take over the circle, but more about bringing the party back and preserving the essence of our culture. This time around we can honestly say that the community came out for a real CELEBRATION! Everywhere you looked there were just massive amounts of people just buggin’ out! Not only Bboys and Bgirls, we had ALL styles of dance under one roof!!

The venue was definitely an important aspect of the event. We decided to change the venue this time around but still wanted to preserve the underground feeling previously created at the Basement. An old warehouse within the industrial area of Downtown Los Angeles. As you approach the building you automatically look to double check that you’re at the right place. Followed by a path of stairs that led everyone through a dim hallway that led to your final destination,  Room 318. Once inside you were transported back to the classic Cypher Adikts atmosphere. It was perfect.

For our anniversary we also wanted to add a little something special in terms of sound. As most know from our previous events, our DJ Ervin Arana always comes through with the ill beats! This time around he reached out to the Los Angeles based band Jungle Fire, to collaborate on a special set specifically for our event. The two got together to produce covers of some of the most illest afro-latin break beat instrumentals we’ve ever heard. The end result? Pure musical genius! We want to send a huge thank you to Ervin Arana who never fails to come through with his musical selection. And of course, the amazing and talented musicians of Jungle Fire for honoring us with their incredible performance! We found ourselves just wanting to watch them perform the entire time! These musicians are LEGIT! We encourage everyone to follow them closely and support their music as well as their local performances. Get to know ’em!

Special shout out to Still1, who provided the image we used for our flier, the giveaway poster and for the Limited edition 2 year Anniversary Tee. This man has supported every C.A. event since day one, and has provided some of the shots featured on our fliers these past 2 years! Thank you for the ongoing Love!

Shouts to our host with the most Koolski!! Who’s voice gets the party people feeling HYPE throughout the night!! You definitely add that extra touch of excitement to every Cypher Adikts event! Thank you.

To the Cypher Adikts staff, who worked for over 10 hours to prepare for this event, THANK YOU! The hard work definitely paid off!

Last but not least, The most important part of the event? YOU, our supporters! Cypher Adikts would definitely not be the same without the support of our community. People came out from all over Los Angeles, Cali, Arizona, Chicago and the list goes on! An hour before the event we already had a line of about 100 people that came ready to party! It was insane! We wanted to make sure we showed our appreciation to every person who came through the door. As a way to say “thank you” we put together gift packs for the first 200 guest, plus posters for everyone who attended. We hope you liked the goodies and above all we hope everyone had an amazing time. THANK YOU for your endless support throughout these past 2 years! There was no better way for us to begin our journey into 2013, and we’re more motivated than ever to keep on sharing the Cypher Adikts movement worldwide.

There were so many great moments throughout the night that we can’t pin point them all. If you missed it, we’re sorry but you definitely had to be there! In the meantime you can check out some of the shots from our 2 Year Anniversary in our photo gallery, captured by the talented Vinnie Estrada. We will also be uploading more shots as we get them in throughout the week. Enjoy!

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