Cypher Adikts 3 Year Anniversary Recap!

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There are not enough words to express how happy we were on the outcome of our 3 Year Anniversary in Los Angeles last weekend. Not only were we excited to bring back the party to where it all began, we were hyped to have added to our celebration by incorporating a second day and collaborating with some really talented people.

Kevin Rhone 10Day 1 of our celebration went down in classic Cypher Adikts style. Last year we loved the venue we obtained for the event and this year had to top it, if not equally meet everything we envisioned. A gritty Downtown LA location in an industrial area, set away from our usual venues. We were lucky enough to find the perfect spot nestled within the garment district in DTLA, so the good folks over at Think Tank Gallery let us come in to their gallery style loft and take over for the night. We kept our formula as simple as always, red lights, a good floor and slammin’ beats! We’re ready to go!

VE 40As expected, there were already people lined up outside in the hall before doors were set to open. We love seeing the hunger in people who just want to come out and get down. As soon as we opened our doors, people came in and were ready to go! As always Ervin Arana set the perfect tone for the night providing a blend of raw Hip Hop beats, Funk, Breaks and latin flavor. There was something for everyone to get hype off of. People were going off everywhere and some fun battles set off throughout the night, most notably between Killafornia/Style Elements vs Sztewite Gang from Poland, Definitely the battle of the night!

CA x Still1-11Around 11:30pm Jungle Fire hit the floor and blessed CA with yet another set in Collaboration with Ervin Arana. The two got together to create a set list of classic beats performed LIVE! There’s truly nothing like live music and the addition of JF once again helped to create an extra special flow to the party. In the end, Ervin finished the night off smoothly with some low key beats to wind it down. Day 1 was indeed a compete success with over 300 people that walked through our doors, each one of them adding to a very memorable night.

Next, it was on to Day 2 of the celebration. We wanted to do things a little differently this year with the addition of our first ever Photography & Art Show “A Portrait of Hip Hop: From the Inside Out”.


As a whole, we’re very big on promoting education when it comes to the culture and we wanted to remind the community about the importance of recognizing other elements within our scene. Afterall, this is Hip Hop and it’s a lot bigger than Breaking. In this day we have noticed that a lot of the younger generation on the come up have forgotten this, so the purpose of Saturday was to showcase different perspectives of the culture through the talents & eyes of Photographers such as Joe Conzo, Ervin Arana & Still1 as well as expression through artists East3, Miguel Angel Godoy, Hueman & Curator for the night, Easy Roc. All who brought very unique interpretations of Hip Hop to the table.

Ervin Arana 7When it came to our Photographers, we were lucky enough to have had three different generations displaying images. Joe Conzo, who Time Magazine refers to as “The man who took Hip Hop’s Baby pictures” displayed classic and iconic images of Grandmaster Caz, Cold Crush Brothers and other notable pioneers that were responsible in shaping what we now know as Hip Hop. There was no question that Conzo’s participation would be a perfect addition to the show. His extensive Archive of images were a visual treat to our guest. We’re very grateful to have had him out to be a part of it. While Ervin Arana out of Long Beach, Ca. displayed shots of his adventures throughout the 90’s and early 2000’s, images of those who helped to shape a whole new generation of legends that include Ivan, Remind, K-Mel, Wicket and veterans such as Ken Swift, AlienNess & Mos Def just to name a few. The addition of Still1 was simple. As someone who has supported CA since the beginning, he has captured tons of images of moments throughout the first year of CA. He has also shot an entirely new group of established as well as up & coming dancers who are already leaving their mark in the scene. All beautifully captured showing style & character. This part of the show served as a time capsule spanning decades of classic moments caught on film.

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EMAJYN 13Our artists equally stole the show. East3 out of Hawaii displayed his illustrations throughout the gallery. His work will always stand out from the rest. His Unique writing style and characters capture a classic aesthetic with a modern twist within Hip Hop. Hailing from the Bay Area, Hueman’s addition to the show was of the female variety with her work “Girl Talk” which added a feminine touch to the show. A big treat for us was having Miguel Angel Godoy take the stage to paint LIVE as passers by gathered to watch him create a live portrait of the legendary Frosty Freeze. A few of his pieces were also displayed throughout the gallery and added a beautiful touch of color with his abstract & free form style. Last but certainly not least we had the pleasure of including EasyRoc as our official curator for the night, who also provided his own artifacts and artistic direction to the show, displaying countless hand drawn fliers he had designed throughout the years as well as old refurbished spray cans resurrected and repurposed into beautiful works of art. His addition to the show definitely helped to pull all artist together to create one perfect flow for the night paired along with the sounds of DJ Destroyer.

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We can’t express how important it was for us to include this show as part of our weekend. We appreciate everyone who walked through our doors that night because it really showed us that you cared beyond the dance floor or beyond any other element. We took a lot of joy in seeing younger cats faces light up when entering the room. We can see the appreciation and inspiration from you that night and we thank you. We’d like to point out the importance of opening up yourself to other forms of Art. At least 3 of our artists featured this night are perfect examples of people who have crossed over to different areas within Hip Hop, dabbling in not only Art or Photography, but also serving as accomplished and respected Bboys, DJ’s and MC’s. Truly embodying the Life Style to the fullest. We hope the younger generation can open up their minds to do the same.

To close out the weekend we hosted our official After party at the Blu Monkey in Hollywood along side new resident to the city of Los Angeles, Boston’s own DJ Lean Rock! His addition to the night contributed to the perfect ending to our 3 Year celebration and along with Ervin Arana had the party jumping all night! Thanks to everyone that came through to close out the festivities.

CA x Still1 AfterParty

Thank you’s go out to;

-The Band Jungle Fire for killing another live set! Your Collab means a lot to us!

-Our Artists & Photographers: Joe Conzo, Ervin Arana, East3, Miguel Angel Godoy, Still1, Hueman. All your work was amazing!

– Easy Roc for curating the show and helping to bring our vision to life!

– The folks at Think Tank Gallery for providing us with their amazing space. Thank you Jacob and Jordan for all your help throughout the weekend

– DJ Destroyer for setting the mood at our Art show Saturday. Your tunes added a very classy touch to the night!

– DJ Lean Rock for rocking the after Party & Wenluv for allowing us to take over the Blu Monkey for the Night.

– Our Team for the weekend; The one and only Deby Barnes for regulating the door like only you do! You definitely always come through for CA! Lady Lex, Ricky Rocany, Kippy, and Danny_Sway for sticking around and helping with set up/Break down. You guys did WORK!

– Our Documentarians of the night: Still1, Emajyn, VEPhotos, Darlene Bada, Kevin Rhone, ShizCity, Cheryl Guerrero and Jordan from Think Tank.

Last and definitely not least we’d like to thank YOU, OUR SUPPORTERS! Thank you for sharing our passion and dedication to our culture and supporting the CA Movement. It is because of you that we continue and will continue to bring our event to many different communities throughout the world. We feel the love! We read all of your comments and feedback and we appreciate all of you for taking the time to come out and party with us. Best believe CA will strive to bring you the best for years to come! THANK YOU!!

To view more pictures from the weekend make sure to stop by our gallery by clicking here!

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    This was an awesome night. Although i kicked someone and i feel hrrible it was great!!!!!!! Lol
    Where is the footage at?

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      What up Billy!! Thanks for coming through and we’re happy to hear you had a great time. We never promise footage but we always try our best to do recap clips if and when time allows. Thanks again for the support.

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    The crew which battle with Killafornia it Sztewite Gang from Poland! Still reprezent all day every day! Cypher Adikts is amazing! Peace!

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    Killafornia/Style Elements vs a group of Polish Bboys (apologies for not knowing their Crew name), Definitely the battle of the night! – THIS CREW WAS SZTEWITE GANG. peace


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