A couple months back we brought Cypher Adikts to Europe for our first official overseas event! We were included as part of the Hip Hop weekend in Slovakia (Bratislava), which also included the event Dance Factor, organized by BJ Piggo along with the help of MG & MK of The Bboy Spot Europe.

Not only were we hyped that we would be taking C.A. to Europe for the first time, we were also very excited to be able to host our event at an actual nightclub “Nu Spirit”, without any age restrictions, something close to impossible in the states. Bringing the party back into the scene has always been the main focus of C.A. It’s really important for us to be able to have kids and teenagers be apart of it so that the mentality of getting down just to have fun would come back and carry on with the future generations. Therefore having full access to such a dope venue was a blessing.

BBoys & BGirls from allover Europe came out to support, some of them had even driven for hours just to make it to the jam and leave the next day. We had no idea on the amount of love we would recieve. It was unexpected but left us feeling assured that this movement was definitely making it’s impact far beyond the U.S.

At some point throughout the night, we were worried we would run out of space. Cyphers were getting smaller and smaller but the energy kept rising and the issue became non-existent. Spacing didn’t stop anyone from repping and killing it all night! The level of skills we saw out there were also very impressive! As tiny as those cyphers were nobody was holding back! Being able to share the C.A. movement in Europe with so many talented Bboys & Bgirls was definitely a huge highlight of 2012.

Shout out to BJ Piggo of Dance Factor and MG & MK of the Bboy Spot Europe for wanting to bring Cypher Adikts to their home country! Cypher Adikts will be returning to Slovakia July 25th 2013 as part of the “Super Hip Hop Week” ! Make sure you don’t miss it.

In the meantime, check out this highlight clip of Cypher Adikts Europe! Also, stop by the, for a full recap of the week end in Slovakia featuring Cypher Adikts X Dance Factor! Click here to read.


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