Cypher Adikts on Strife.TV

It’s been almost a month since our 2 year Anniversary party in Los Angeles, but just looking at this footage has us feeling hype like it was only yesterday! The folks over at Strife.TV put together this quick recap from the nights festivities. Short & Sweet, but packed full of ill CA moments! If you were in town and missed out, we definitely feel for ya’! For everyone else, make sure you catch CA when we make our way to a town near you!

Shouts to Strife.TV for coming through to experience our event and putting together this clip to share with the world. As always, Thank you to EVERYONE who came through to support the Cypher Adikts 2 year Anniversary! Check it out!

If you’re not in this video, stay tunned for a more extended clip that we have in the works, coming soon!

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