Cypher Adikts LA Highlight clip

Last Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles was epic! The house was full and it quickly got HEATED up in there but that didn’t stop all the raw bboys and bgirls from getting down all night. So many people from different cities, states and country were in town due to the Freestyle Session 15 year Anniversary and many of us were glad to reconnect with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. So much was going on that night we knew cameras would not be able to catch what would really go down so filming became our last priority and we decided to let this one be all in the mind.

But Strife.TV came through to film  and gave us access to their raw footage (big shout out the the team!) so I decided to make a little  highlight clip from it as an addition to all the great memories we’ve built so far from our previous jams. Thanks to everyone who came to support, hope you enjoy the clip even if you didn’t make it (a lot of us didn’t make the footage lol).



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