CYPHER ADIKTS TAIWAN RECAP: Not the usual Quantity, but always full of QUALITY!

About 2 weeks ago we traveled to Taipei City, Taiwan for Culture Shock Hip Hop week! There was so much going on! The “Doin It In The Park” Toprock battles, Freestyle Session 3vs3 qualifier, a crew battle and 1 on 1 bboy comps as well as Cypher Adikts as part of the weeks events. The line up was intense but the best part of the trip was being able to connect with the local scene and hang out with some of our Fam.

Cypher Adikts went down on Saturday night February 16th. It was held in a venue quite like our original venue in Los Angeles. Just a studio space that we would transform to give it the classic Cypher Adikts feel. The ambiance and lighting were on point and the sound system was off the hook!  We couldn’t have asked for a better space. We opened our doors as usual, and people began to come in, ready to get down. We will be as honest as possible and say that the attendance for this edition of Cypher Adikts definitely wasn’t what we had expected. We usually always have CA on Friday nights, but due to some small  mis-communications we ended up having to plan it for Saturday night, right before the Biggest competition day for the week. If you’ve ever been to Cypher Adikts then you definitely know that the circles get INTENSE. So understandably, many of the Bboys & Bgirls who were competing were most likely resting up for the next day. Regardless, were extremely thankful for those that came through to support.

Usually we’re running around throughout the entire night trying to make sure everything’s going smoothly, but for the first time ever we had a chance to just relax and vibe out with everyone. To name a few, we were blessed to have the support of people like Bboy Aya (MZK), El Nino (Floor Lords), DJ Renegade, Whacko who brought the social party dance to life!, MexOne MK&MG from the Bboy Spot, and best of all, we had the one and only Ken Swift come through our doors. It was crazy to see Kenny get down ALL NIGHT, you can definitely tell he was having a great time, and THAT right there got everyone hyped! The man is a true Cypher Adikt and we were crazy excited that he came through to support and experience CA. Shout out to Ervin Arana for killing it once again on the tables! He made sure to keep the party going for everyone all night!

We’re also very happy to have had some of the local Bboys show their love in the circles! Although we didn’t get the response we had hoped for, we didn’t leave disappointed. We’re thankful to have been brought out to share this movement with another country, and we hope that the next time we come around to Taiwan, we’ll reach far more. We created Cypher Adikts to share the importance of the essence of this culture and so far it’s always been a great success. This experience in Taiwan was a great reminder that the purpose of it all is to inspire and enlighten rather than to expect a successful jam. Taiwan has some amazing talent, but the scene is still young and only seems to be exposed to major competition events. So we would love to keep on building with the community there to hopefully return in the future and witness a difference.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who came through to support. Shout out to Yorick for being a great host, bringing us out and including us in Culture Shock Hip Hop Week it was a great experience! Last but definitely not least we would like to send a huge shout out to Mex One of the Bboy Spot for helping us set up for the event!! He put in work!!! We couldn’t have done it without you! THANK YOU BROTHA!! Looking forward to the next one!

Check out this quick clip from Cypher Adikts Taiwan. We didn’t have the chance to fully document this time around but thanks to MK of The Bboy Spot Europe for capturing a few moments from the night…

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