Last month we teamed up with Moy and the Break Free Community Center to bring Cypher Adikts in Houston,TX as part of the 4th annual Break Free event. With Bboys coming from all over the world it was the perfect opportunity to start of the week end with a dope vibe and chill time at Cypher Adikts until the madness of the seven 2 smoke and 2vs2 took place the next 2 days.

There was incredible talent in town but we had no idea who would actually show up to our jam because so often competitors would rather save themselves for the contests and judges would not really wanna put their rep on the line. None of that went down that night, everyone came through to cypher non stop and you could tell it was second nature, nobody was trying too hard or over doing it to prove a point, some circles were bigger than others so depending on who was running it the vibe was constantly changing.

On the other hand it was disappointing to see a group of people hide in the back sitting down and practicing moves so for a second it  felt like a failure and I wanted to get on the mic to scream “whats wrong with you people!!!” But then i remembered why  starting Cypher Adikts back then felt like a necessity to me. Only few had kept that mentality alive but most had buried it or never even been exposed to it so expecting everyone to just get it was kind of delusional and in the end was the perfect motivation to keep on going strong so that hopefully things would continue to involve and if not this time for some of them maybe the next!

Big shout out to everyone who came to Cypher Adikts and much respect to Moy and Havikoro as well as everyone involved with the center for giving back so much to the community and being such a strong inspiration to the youth. It was an honor to be involved with Break Free 2012 and we are looking forward to the next one!

Check out the highlight clip, hope you enjoy!


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