We’ve kept you waiting long enough! After careful planning we’re finally announcing what we have tirelessly been working on for Day 2 of the Cypher Adikts 4 Year Anniversary. Going Down Sunday January 18th 2015, we bring you Cypher Adikts Unplugged!

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This has been in the works with us for a minute now. However, with all the social media attention we have been seeing lately surrounding different events/organizations and debates on whether or not they are serving a purpose in the scene, there’s no better time to highlight the importance of creating a direct dialogue within the breaking community and some of the people we feel have been directly involved in, contributed and have been just straight up representing within our culture.

We mean it when we talk about the importance behind giving back to the community. Education has long been an area that Cypher Adikts has wanted to become deeply involved in. The name “Unplugged” was brought about as a way to take the dancers away from the typical workshop or event setting, introducing them to a world beyond competitions and bring them down to the “nitty gritty”. Using the same approach we use for our event is how we would like to educate. It’s not about the classroom with nice mirrors and floors or about the students following the teachers foot steps. We want to create an exchange and an unforgettable experience in where the student and teacher can connect on a more personal level.


The inspiration for Unplugged began with CA’s very own, Ervin Arana. For almost 5 years, Ervin has been very consistent with his series of workshops in Los Angeles called The Break Down. It all started with him teaching intermediate breaking classes to students at CSULB. His experience there helped him fine tune his teachings into more of a mental/ psychological approach. He then began to host his own bboy/bgirl workshops inviting special guests to come share their experience with the local scene and build on their approach to the dance. Those guests have included Poe One, Ivan, Remind, Flo Mo Crew, Zulu Gremlin and many others.

The Break Down- Poe1

Throughout the years, the series has obtained an outstanding amount of support from the breaking community with as many as 70 students of all levels coming in from all over the Los Angeles area. Today the Break Down continues to find ways to poke your creativity and open doors that will further develop your craft. Now CA would love to recreate the positive impact that “The Break Down” has generated by dedicating our second day of celebration through intensive education at Cypher Adikts Unplugged.

We have brought together 3 individuals that span at least 4 generations within the culture and offer up a wealth of knowledge that they are each eager to share with us at Cypher Adikts Unplugged. This will be a full day of Bboy/Bgirl workshops & open discussion designed to help us open up both our creativity and our minds. Now let’s introduce you to our three special Guests…

     RoxRite      Ken Swift      Ivan

Unless you are completely brand new to Breaking, you should already be familiar with each of these three faces and what they represent to us. We have Bboy Roxrite (Renegade Rockers/ The Squadron), Bboy Ivan (AKA the Urban Action Figure) and none other than the man himself, Prince Ken Swift (BreakLife/Seven Gemz). Each one will contribute their own unique approach and perspective on the dance and we will be sharing a little more about them in the coming weeks.

This is for everyone, all ages, all levels. However this will not be your average workshop, this is something special y’all! Although there will be dancing involved, we are not asking you to come out and just learn moves. We’re asking everyone who is interested to take a step back from social media, from youtube, unplug yourselves entirely from what you think you know and be prepared to join us for a day to build in person, live & direct with some of the best to ever do it!!

We are well aware that Cypher Adikts is not the first to do something like this, but being that one of our main goals is to preserve the essence of the dance, this was one more way for us to do it and we’re hyped to be able to share this type of experience in Los Angeles for our 4 Year Anniversary.

Knowledge is power and we know sometimes not everyone can afford to attend classes like this, so as a way to thank you for all the support throughout the years we’re making Day 2 completely FREE. You heard us right, NO COVER. So please make sure you don’t take Day 2 of our Anniversary for granted, opportunities like this don’t come often. It will be memorable to say the least.

Stay tuned for exact times schedule & location! But plan for a full day on January 18th 2015 for DAY 2 at CYPHER ADIKTS UNPLUGGED!!


Photo Credits:
Poe One Photo by: Ervin Arana
Roxrite Photo by: Carlos Cruz
Ken Swift Photo By: Sato/Reptilian Tank
Bboy Ivan Photo by: Ervin Arana

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