Cypher Adikts x FSC20 Recap

Over a week ago we traveled over to Phoenix Arizona to collaborate with the infamous Furious Styles Crew as they celebrated 20 Years of involvement within Hip Hop Culture. FSC is one of the most notorious crews in Arizona with members extending across the US and overseas. This family runs deep and we were more than hyped to be apart of the weekend commemorating their milestone achievement!


With FSC, its not just a weekend affair. They kick things off early in the week with workshops, panels and even a pre party at AZ’s legendary Blunt Club with none other than Z-TRIP (also an FSC member)! However, the main events started on Friday and this time Cypher Adikts was there to set off the weekend correct at Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts. With the wonderful help of Skooby and House we transformed a section of the space into the classic CA layout. Local Bboys & Bgirls, as well as out of towners all came through to support and in no time got CA crackin’ in Phoenix!

There were a lot of great circles going off all night, a couple that stand out would have to be the one near the booth with Remind (SEC). This cypher wasn’t just on some Bboy/Bgirl business, folks were going off straight party rocking and having fun. You couldn’t help but feel nice just witnessing the energy in that Cypher. Another one had to be with Bboy House. Not only was this FSC20 weekend, it also happened to be FSC president Bboy House’s Birthday! So Another great moment came at the end of the night when fellow FSC members presented House with a custom FSC Denim Jacket, followed by rounds for the Bday Boy. Everyone took part in that circle wishing him the best and let us tell you THE MAN IS A BEAST, responding to everyone’s rounds like a champ! They say Hip Hop is the fountain of youth, House is definitely a great example of that, coming out with some insane energy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOUSE! Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as we did.CAPHX42

Saturday was the official prelim day to kick off the battles for FSC20. Categories included 2v2 All Styles, Locking 7toSmoke, House Battles, Rocking Battles hosted by RobNasty, Footwork Battles and Alien Ness’ concept battle; Color Warz. A crew on crew Bboy battle in which members of the losing team would have to remove their shirts and hand them over to the winning team after each battle was over. This category was definitely pretty dope to watch. Crews from Cali, Chicago, New Mexico, Arizona and more all came through to rep and rock to defend their colors. There was definitely no holding back when it came to any of these prelims as competitors fought to ensure they locked down their spot in the Top16 on Day two. In the end, the winners were…

Open Styles: Joe Styles & 4Real

Footwork: Crissy B (Rock So Fresh)

Rocking: Suer (Time to Rock)

House: X (Jukebox)

Popping: Team Panic (Johnny 5 & D.O.C.)

Locking 7 to smoke: Joe Styles (A-Team)

And Color Warz winner: Dynasty Descendants took home the W… along with everyones shirts!

The weekend was a success! From the pre-parties, to Cypher Adikts, to the FSC main event and then the after parties, everything made up for a good time in Arizona! Big ups to the entire Furious Styles Family for putting on another successful event and for 20 years of contribution to the community. Big shout out to Skooby and House for the support in making Cypher Adikts happen in AZ. We’re honored to have been apart of your weekend. Happy Anniversary and we wish you many more to come.

Furious Styles is deeply involved with their local scene. We highly encourage everyone and anyone to get involved in helping Cyphers: The Center for Urban Arts, stay up an running in order to further benefit their community. They celebrate 2 YEARS in January and will be doing a special fundraising event. Click here for more info on how you can help #SaveCyphers

Visit our Photo Gallery to view more shots from CA Phoenix and Check out footage from the Final Battle for Color Warz between Dynasty Descendants vs. Killa Style Elements

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