About a month ago we teamed up with the legendary PhazeII Crosstown Crew and Boocoo Cultural center to bring Cypher Adikts to Chicago.
We had been told that mostly competition events were happening in the city and only a few catz had that raw cypher mentality in them so once again we had no idea what to expect but hoped to at least open up a few minds.

Before the doors even opened, the big line on the street set the tone of the night showing how motivated and igear to rep bboys and bgirls in Chicago were.  The vibe kept switching up as time was going by and even when we though the jam had reached it’s pick and would come to an end, Ervin would flip it on the tables and  new cyphers would rise up again keepin it going strong.
The best part of that night was the feeling of “reuniting again”, many people from different states hadn’t seen each other in a while and this was the perfect environment to bug out and reconnect.

It was an honor to make this happen along with Wicked, PhazeII and everyone involved with Boocoo Center who worked so hard to make Cypher Adikts Chicago one of the dopest experience so far. We are definitely  looking forward to come back in the future and create new memories.
Big shout out to Biggest&Baddest/The Bboy Spot for their constant  help and support towards our mission.

We also wanna thank Red Bull BC one who had their big Qualifier event the next day and spontaneously provided shuttles to and from C.A for all the competitors and judges wanting to come get down.
And of course much love and respect to all the bboys and bgirls who came through but also represent that  mentality on the everyday basis.

Check out the highlight clip from Cypher Adikts Chicago,  the footage is grimy as usual and some of you might complain about it but this is how we do! Nobody wants to be holding a camera while raw cyphers are going down so if you want a clear vision of the jam just COME!






Next Cypher Adikts will be August 31st

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    Yooo, word up! This event looks like it was poppin’
    you guys should make a trip down to Boston and host cypher adikts here!
    we need more events like this that promote fun in dancing and getting it in a cypher, instead of always being some big battle money price!


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    Cypher Adikits is so natural to this way of life we live for BBOYS /BGIRLS. Thank you for this.


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