Fatlace.com Interview with Jeskilz


If you haven’t already, make sure you go over to Fatlace.com to read up on their most recent interview with the woman behind the Cypher Adikts movement, Jeskilz.

Conducted by East3, she breaks down some of her History from her days in Paris, New York, LA and worldwide! She also shares her views on Hip Hop Culture and what inspires her to continue repping, being a community leader and why it’s so important to have an event like Cypher Adikts today.

“Raw circles, dim lights, no judges or music interruption is what C.A is all about, we’re taking the dance and culture back to it’s purest form. Everyone who shows up is put on the same pedestal so it’s on you to rep and stand out.  But most of all this jam is all about having fun!”

This interview is packed with a lot of dope insight and offers a great perspective not only as a member of the community, but as a woman in the community who’s actively making moves and representing.

“Breaking is an art form. There’s no such thing as the perfect body type for it, therefor I don’t believe physical abilities are what create differences. Anyone who takes this dance seriously and respects it can shine through it. You’re either dope at what you do or you haven’t figured it out yet but don’t let the boy vs girl theory become an excuse.


Click here to read the entire interview.

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