When we first started Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles, the idea was to bring the party back into the scene and return to a more spontaneous approach of the dance. While competing, it basically doesn’t matter what the DJ is playing unfortunately the focus is on the performance so you’re forced to deliver no matter what, but when it comes to cyphering at a party  there is no rules but to have fun and get lose so why get caught up in the idea that you HAVE TO break with fury all night or even start random battles for no reason.

Music leads us and not the other way around, if the DJ decides to switch up the vibe on you why stick to the same flow and energy while getting down, you won’t get extra credit for going off the chain on a slower funky beat or top rocking while dancing with a girl, as a matter of fact you will contribute to the idea many people have that Bboys and Bgirls can’t dance!

This clip is the perfect reflection of what Cypher Adikts is all about, and for those who wonder if it was some kind of showcase everyone was waiting for forget about it! Ervin Arana is smooth on the tables and keeps the party rocking no matter what style he’s on, shout out to Noel (Skill Methodz Crew) and Garret for following the music’s lead, this was definitely the highlight of the night!


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