Interview with Wicked & Mr Do of the legendary Phaze II crew

When you talk about the Chicago scene and it’s community involvement, the first name to be mentioned is “Phaze II”, so when they reached out to us with the intention of bringing Cypher Adikts to their hometown, not only was it an honor but it was also a great opportunity to build and take a closer look into their everyday effort towards the community and learn more about their deep rooted history.

After a successful jam at “Boocoo Cultural Center”, we sat down with Wicked and his older brother Mr Do, and had the chance to listen to their incredible journey and life struggle that always kept this family/crew together no matter what.

Being able to share that moment with them was very humbling and extremely inspiring. Many people out there possess skills that they can apply on the floor and get props for, but few have the ability to go beyond and leave a strong impact on others by devoting themselves to a greater cause. Through Cypher Adikts we are really on a mission to shine the light on those  individuals we don’t hear enough about and that’s why this interview was really important to us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.