Outbreak 10 Year Anniversary: A lasting Impression


This past weekend the Cypher Adikts team and fam traveled to Orlando, Florida in support of The Bboy Spot’s 10 year Anniversary for Outbreak USA. It was a bitter sweet celebration as this also served as the final Chapter for one of the USA’s most talked about events. Outbreak, has indeed come to an end and it went out with a bang.

Day one started off just right with a pool party at the Avanti Resort were most of the out of town guest stayed. DJ’s Lean Rock and CA’s very own Ervin Arana came correct with their musical selections to get everyone movin’ in the sunshine. Sun Bathing, building, people getting thrown in the pool, it was all good times and the perfect way to ease on into an action packed weekend.

Once the pool party came to an end it was onto The Bboy Spot as Florida’s very own Fusik took the stage to set the tone as they played live to a packed house. Everywhere we looked there were cyphers galore filled with dancers going off! Fusik definitely tore that night up! Moving into Day two they started off with workshops featuring instructors Focus (FlowMo) El Nino (Floor Lords) and Lego who also served as the Judges. People definitely took advantage of learning from these three, the workshops were packed!

Once the workshops were over, Day 2 came into full swing! People came through ready and hungry for the prelim rounds of Footwork, 2v2 and Bgirl categories. There were over 160 crews from all over the world that entered, we can’t even begin to imagine how the judges narrowed it down to the top 16. All categories featured top talent on prelim day and we’re cure the task of picking was n ot an easy one. The highlight after would definitely have to be what turned out to be a full on party as Ervin Arana spun the classics in the outdoor area where artist displayed their ill and one of a kind pieces! Such a perfect setting! The weather was right and it felt like the perfect summer block party. He even had a soul train line going on at one point. Truly an ill way to end the night. It left everyone feeling good, relaxed and ready to head into Day three.

The final day was a culmination of all the hard work each crew and person put into preparing for the battles. One word to describe each one of them? HYPE! It was amazing to see talent representing all corners of the world. Japan, Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Colombia and the list goes on!

Winners of Outbreak 10 - Photo by The Bboy Spot

Winners of Outbreak 10 – Photo by The Bboy Spot

In the end the victory went to Keebz of Mind 180 winning the Footwork Battle, Sweet Technique (Vicious and Fléau) out of Montreal Canada winning the 2v2, Kid Glyde of Dynamic Rockers as Cypher King and CA’s very own Jeskilz taking the W in the Bgirl battle. The excitement of every moment was truly unforgetable, especially in the end when the winners were announced and Lean Rock went into party mode to celebrate.


What an exceptional way for Outbreak to come to a close. Seeing familiar faces, building with
new ones and absorbing every second in celebrating 10 years of Outbreak was magic. If you missed it, we are truly sorry. Events like Outbreak are very few and far between. We can’t really think of many events where there are competitions and still more than enough uninterrupted time to get down in the cyphers. This was a real deal HIP HOP EVENT, there was something for everyone and the community came out in full force to support.

Congratulations to MexOne, Gina, SpenOne, MG & MK from the Bboy Spot Europe and the entire Bboy Spot Fam in general on a decade of history. Thank you for the memories and although Outbreak has reached it’s finale, you left a lasting mark on the culture. Cheers and wishing you all the best on your next journey.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who stopped by the Cypher Adikts booth to purchase some gear and Ervin’s mixes, it means a lot! Thank you!

Check out this video from Strife.TV featuring some of top moments during the Outbreak 10 Battles and cruise through the photo gallery below to view a few shots of all the action taken by supporters this past weekend!

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