What is Cypher Adikts?

Cypher Adikts is not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself …

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Straight Footage

Cypher Adikts x Break Free 2013

These next few months are starting to shape up nicely for the Cypher Adikts movement. We have some dates set up to collaborate with legendary events around the US and beyond. Coming up in October, we’ve once again teamed up with the good folks over at the Break Free Community Center for another installment of Cypher Adikts Houston! Happening Friday October 18th!

NET CypherAdikts TX 1st DraftPresented by Jeskilz and music provided by CA’s very own Ervin Arana bringing you the illest beats to set you off!

Entry: $5

Location: Break Free Community Center

9191 Winkler Dr. Suite G.

Houston, TX. 77017

The action doesn’t stop there! The next day following CA will be the 5th annual Break Free! One of the freshest Jams in the SOUTH, is back! Every year, Break Free gets better and better, but this one is promised to be the best yet! It’s their 5 Year Anniversary and they’re ready to bring some FIRE to HTOWN! This is one of Texas premier Hip Hop events featuring a 2v2 Bboy/Bgirl battle. New Blood battle, Tag team graff battles and a special invitational 7toSmoke Bboy battle featuring some of the most legendary names in the game!! Marlon, Ruen, Lil’ John, Roxrite… need we say more?

1175390_209312912568862_796554999_nPresented by Culturas Unidas, Music provided by Lean Rock, B-Ryan and DJ Fleg and your Judges for the night; Omar (MZK), Remind (SEC) and one more TBA.

Saturday October 19th – Break Free Prelims

Sunday October 20th – Break Free Finals & 7tosmoke

Entry: $15

Location: “THE WAREHOUSE” 8002 ENDOR ST Houston, TX 77012

Time: 3pm – 10pm

If this is anything like last years you won’t want to miss it. Don’t regret it later, you still have time to get your plans in order! Make sure to visit the event pages for each day to get all the latest updates on these two monster events!

Cypher Adikts – Friday October 18th 2013

Break Free 5 – October 19th-20th

1150391_10151800715336676_750787818_nIf anyone is attending the 10 Year Anniversary of Outbreak in Orlando, Florida the weekend before and wants to attend CA & Break Free, have no fear! The folks over at the Bboy spot have your bases covered! They’ve organized a travel bus to drive from Orlando FL to Houston TX for all out of state and out of the country bboys/bgirls! But hurry, Spaces are limited. Many spots have already been spoken for so get on it and email info@thebboyspot.com or click HERE for full info.



Looking forward to getting down with our Texas people and everyone coming out to support from different cities and countries! Lets make sure to top last years! TX REPRESENT!

Create The Escape – Break Free Campaign

Community is often a word we hear a lot throughout the Hip Hop Scene. People constantly throw this word around, often times with good intention, yet not enough action. At Cypher Adikts, we don’t think it’s enough to just talk about, we need to BE ABOUT IT.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 9.58.17 AMBreak Free Community Center came about in 2011 as the brain child of Founder and Executive Director Moises “Moy” Rivas.  Growing up in Houston, Texas, Moy practiced and learned about Hip Hop culture at the age of 12. Today he is one of the most respected Bboys in the scene garnering attention through competition, performances and various appearances throughout the world. As a kid he always envisioned opening up a center like Break Free, providing a positive atmosphere for youth in his hometown. Having been a caseworker for at risk youth, you can definitely understand his passion of wanting to provide a creative outlet for what we know is the most important aspect of our community… our future, our YOUTH!

Since its launch in 2011, BFCC has become deeply involved within the community. Programs include daily classes, monthly events, outreach and community fundraisers just to name a few.

Often times we attend various events throughout the world and visit venues that have been created by Bboy or Bgirl entrepreneurs, not realizing the back breaking work that goes into keeping some of these facilities open. Most of the time, those facilities were created solely with the community in mind and when you’re trying to do good by your community, the thought of “profit” doesn’t really come to mind. That’s why BFCC needs your help!


BFCC is on a mission to expand and improve their current facility in order to better serve their students. Creating separate spaces for each class and quality tools within each genre to give students a better opportunity of learning hands on and remaining focused. In addition, their building also needs some TLC in order to keep operations running and safe.

Here’s how you can help!! BFCC has created a Kickstarter Campaign in hopes of raising enough funds to get these improvements underway. Visit the site, read and view their campaign and donate! It’s simple! Any little bit helps, no donation is too small. The Breaking community runs DEEP! So lets be about it, let’s take care and watch out for each other by helping out centers like BFCC! They have until August 27th to reach their goal of 25k and we need your help to spread the word! Repost, share, tweet, shout it out to the world! WE AS A COMMUNITY CAN KEEP CENTERS LIKE THIS GOING!

The deadline to donate is August 27th! So What are you waiting for? Lets show that we are united ———> BFCC KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN

Cypher Adikts, Slovakia Vol. 2

It’s right around the corner! Thursday July 25th Cypher Adikts returns to Slovakia as part of Hip Hop Holidays 2013!!

Last years CA Slovakia was such a success, there was absolutely no hesitation in bringing it back. Europe is no joke when it comes to Hip Hop! People came from all over to support the event and with it we experienced some of the rawest circles we had ever seen. People were hungry and we’re anxious and ready for round TWO!!

This time around we’ve teamed up with The Bboy Spot Europe, Polskee Flavour and many more for a WHOLE WEEK packed full of events that are immersed within the Hip Hop Culture. There’s something for everyone whether you’re a veteran in the game or a new comer. There’s Yalta Summer Jam, Catch The Flava’ Outbreak Camp, Hasta La Muerte 5 year Anniversary, Cypher Adikts, Outbreak Europe, and so much more!!! IT DOESN’T GET ANY BETTER!!

For this edition we’ve also brought in a special guest from Boston, none other than DJ LEAN ROCK to rock the party alongside our resident DJ, Ervin Arana! These two together are sure to bring the house down!

Date: Thursday July 25th 2013
Location: Skuteckého 3, 97401 Banská Bystrica
Time: 20:00 – 23:00
Cost: 5 Euros

CA SLOVAKIAFor this edition of our CA Flier we featured a young cat in the game who’s been making a huge presence in the scene, both in competitions and in the Cyphers. Vicious Victor out of Florida! Often times we’ve overheard conversations with people (young & old) who say they don’t like to waste their energy dancing before a big competition. Everyone has their own pre-game so we’re not dissing, but this guy is on a whole other level! While out in Florida for the Freestyle Session weekend we noticed Vicious Victor was just non-stop! Getting down practically all night at Cypher Adikts, Freestyle Session Day 1, then all over again on day 2 as he went on to compete AND WIN the Red Bull BC One Orlando Qualifier. STRAIGHT BEAST! Like the previous people who have rocked our fliers, there is no doubt Vicious Victor is a true Cypher Adikt! Much respect to him for holding it down for his hometown and Best of luck as you go on to rep Florida at the Red Bull BC One US Finals next month!

Special Shout out to Masta Minch for snapping the shot of Vicious Victor at last months CA Orlando!

Stop by the official event page for CA Slovakia for updates and to help spread the word!

And also, visit the following links for a full breakdown of events happening throughout the week;

Catch The Flava’ Outbreak Camp

Outbreak Europe

Full Program of Events


Cypher Adikts x SEC Weekend Re-cap By Ervin Arana

img_4618-1Hip hop came through for another memorable weekend! When I say hip hop, I mean each and every person that attended the celebration of the Style Elements Crew 19th Year Anniversary!



First and foremost, it’s always an honor to have Cypher Adikts be invited to be a part of a weekend like this to kick things off. From the get I could sense that things were going to get LIVE! So many dope bboys and bgirls that I have so much respect for came through. We took care of our Bboy business early on in the night, then quickly went back to the essence and broke free from all expectations and we just simply had fun. The party was straight JUMPIN!! Our night in San Jose was truly the perfect example of what I feel Cypher Adikts is all about.



Saturday was the main event, celebrating the incredible longevity of the legendary Style Elements Crew. Easy Roc probably described it best when he said, “this reminds me the early Bboy Summit years”, and I would definitely have to agree with him. The 3v3 battle incorporated the “Last Bboy Standing” concept, which I felt brought a little bit of that raw emotion back into battling. Some of my personal favorites of the night were Bboy House, Bboy Gravity & Thesis. These guys held it down, NASTY!!



The after party was the perfect way to end the weekend (unfortunately, we couldn’t stay for the BBQ). Good times, great vibe, dope music!! Shout out to my brotha’ DJ Wish One, DJ Man Of God and the San Jose Zulu’s for hosting us. And of course it’s always great to catch up with all my peeps. Over all I feel like the weekend had a great sense of unity. So again, huge shout out to Style Elements for an incredible event and again, Happy Anniversary!



A BIG THANK YOU to everyone behind the scenes that helped us with this edition of Cypher Adikts! A-Game, Ricky (Stuntman) Rocany, Jayrawk, Artson, Kool Raul, Arthur, Tracy Lee, Vinnie Estrada, Deby, Khalid, Crissy B, Jeskilz & everyone who supports the movement! Looking forward to doing it all over again this weekend in Orlando!

For more pictures make sure to visit our photo library here! So grateful to have had talented photographers Tracy Lee of BboyLifestyle.com & Vinnie Estrada (VE Photo’s) come through to capture all of the action!! If you re-post any of their work, please make sure to give them some love!! They definitely put in some sweat this weekend!


HipHop HollydaysAs if there wasn’t enough excitement building up already!! The Bboy Spot has released another clip to get the community excited about Europe’s most anticipated event of the Summer!

The Bboy Spot x South DJs x Polskee Flavour x Jeskilz x Hasta La Muerte
presents HIP HOP HOLIDAYS aka SUPER HIP HOP WEEK 2013!! A week full of back to back FRESH events from all over the world, in ONE WEEK!!

There is something for everyone here! Going off in the cities of Yalta & Slovakia, this event provides the perfect blend of all elements of the dance and culture. It’s one of the largest events in Europe to create a TRUE Hip Hop experience and bring the entire community together in one place. Trust us when we say that this is one weekend you DO NOT want to miss!!  Check out this clip to see what you can expect at this years festivities!

Here’s a breakdown of events happening throughout the week…

July 17 – 21
Yalta, Ukraine









July 21 – 25
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

catch the flava









July 24
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia










July 25
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia







July 26-27
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia










July 28
Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

You hyped yet? YOU SHOULD BE!! Start making your way! We’ll be seeing you there!!

For more info visit www.thebboyspot.com/outbreak

Strife.TV interviews Ervin Arana

DSC_7048In addition to our supporters, one of the most important components that has contributed to the success & vibe of Cypher Adikts is the DJ. Ours, is Ervin Arana.

Not only does Ervin have a rich history within the
community as a well respected Bboy, throughout the years he has rocked LA nightlife at places such as Zanzibar, United Grooves, Carbon’s Low Key and more notably one of LA’s most legendary nights The Root Down, where he served as one of their resident DJ’s. Needless to say, Ervin comes from a true Party Rocking background which made him the perfect fit into bringing that ill party vibe into CA. His background as a dancer largely contributes to his style, he understands what gets dancers going, and what will keep the people hyped for more. He’s spun at countless jams outside of CA and also serves as resident DJ at Homeland in Long Beach where you can see him giving back to his community by helping out new and aspiring DJ’s perfect their craft.

197871_199412303412306_6004714_nAll of the above mentioned, plus his contribution to the scene since day one is key to the vibe and mission of Cypher Adikts. A DJ like Ervin is truly  rare, and observing him throughout the years you can really see how much he cares about the music he plays. Spending countless hours digging and dedicating himself to his craft. If you don’t know ’em, we suggest you get to know ’em.


Strife.TV in collaboration with the new DJ Channel Sesh TV, recently caught up with Ervin at his home where they interviewed him about his history as a DJ, music, and Style. Take a look, and get to know Cypher Adikts very own, Ervin Arana…..


To hear some of his recent work, make sure to visit Ervin’s Soundcloud

Cypher Adikts San Jose

NET Cypher Adikts San Jose 2After over a year of being asked to bring CA to the Bay, we’re finally able to make it happen!! Thanks to the Style Elements Monster Squad!!

This Summer we’ll be starting things off right by making our way up North for CYPHER ADIKTS SAN JOSE!!

We’ve teamed up with the SEC as the official pre-party to open up a weekend of non-stop action in celebration of their 19 years of contribution in Hip Hop!! We’re very familiar with the scene out in the Bay, some of you have even taken the trip down for some of the CA’s in SoCal and have repped hard in the Cyphers. There is no doubt this will be one of the Hottest yet!!!!

For this months flier we’ve featured one of the West Coast most original and most respected Bboys on the West Coast, Stuntman of Style Elements/Furious Styles Crew! The shot taken by photographer Vinnie Estrada, captures Stunts in his truest form bugging out in the Cypher at the CA 2 year anniversary. Not only is he a key member of SEC, he’s consistently represented in the community throughout the years with both his crews and has a rich history to back it up. Big respect goes out to Stunts for repping Hip Hop correct! Shout to to Vinnie Estrada as well for providing the ill shot to grace the flier!

As always we’ll have Ervin Arana on the decks along with special guest Artson (SEC) as our Host for the night keeping the party Hype!

The SEC Anniversary Jam on the following day will consist of a 3v3 Last Man Standing concept Bboy/Bgirl battle with judges Poe One, EasyRoc and Machine. As well as an Open Styles Soulebrity Cypher Comp paired with Pandora, Quali-D and Aiko!

There you have it folks!! Two ill events, joining forces to bring you one Monster of a
weekend!! Start making plans now, Because this will be the official jump off to Summer in Cali!! LET’S GO!!

For full info please visit the Event Pages and help spread the word!!:

Style Elements 19 Year Anniversary – June 22nd-23rd

Cypher Adikts San Jose – Friday June 21st

Cypher Adikts San Diego Highlight Clip

Back in April we had the opportunity to take Cypher Adikts down South to San Diego, Cali and team up with the Cypher City Kings to bring forth an ill weekend of events to the area. It definitely turned out to be a complete success in terms of support and attendance, more than we had imagined. We were also lucky enough to get hooked up with one of the illest venues in the area to provide the perfect back drop for the party. Minutes before the doors officially opened we already had a crowd outside anxious to get in and get down! Needless to say, the party got crackin’ from the get! Check out this highlight clip for a glimpse of what went down at Cypher Adikts San Diego!


#CypherAdikts Instagram Contest – May ’13

CA MAYIt’s that time again!! But First, We just want to say thank you to everyone who participated in last months contest! The support for our very first edition was overwhelming and we were hyped to see so many ill Cypher Shots! There were a lot of really great ones and it was a hard decision to make, but unfortunately there could only be one winner! So before we move on to this months contest we would like to shout last months winning shot from Bboy Prevail of the Might Zulu Kings! Congrats and we hope you like the tee’s! His winning shot is also featured on this months promo flier! The contest runs monthly so if you don’t get chosen this time around you’ll still have plenty of chances! So don’t give up!

ON TO THE NEXT! The May contest starts today! Post up the illest action photo of yourself on Instagram to show us your true Cypher Adikt lifestyle!

**Please make sure to follow each step closely. There were a lot of great shots last month that didn’t get chosen because they forgot to repost the promo flier, or the pictures were not actual CYPHER shots. Remember, no competition shots.**

Here’s what you need to do:

1) Repost this Promo flier and tag #CypherAdikts

2) Post the best action photo of yourself getting down in a Cypher and tag #CypherAdikts

– The photo must not look posed, and the surroundings must represent an actual cypher. This means no shots of yourself in a “competition” even if there is a circle surrounding you. It must be an actual cypher at a jam or night club. Our team knows how to spot ’em so no staged shots please.

– Tell us where the picture was taken.

– Let us know who you are, and who you rep!

3) We will review all entries and decide who has the best photo!

The contest will run for 2 weeks (ends 5/15) and at the end one winner will be chosen. The winner will receive their choice of any 2 CA Tee’s from our web store! PLUS, your Cypher shot will be featured on the following months promo Flier!

Remember: One winner is chosen every month! So if we don’t get ya’ the first time, you still get a chance! Contest Begins today so start tagging away!! #CypherAdikts


*Contestants are not obligated to be pictured wearing Cypher Adikts Merchandise.

*contest is limited to Instagram posts only.

UPDATED: Cypher Adikts in Canada!


In May 2013, Cypher Adikts will be making its way up to Montréal, Canada to participate in yet another ill weekend of events!! The party gets started on Friday May 10th with CA, going down at 9 Sainte-Catherine East #101 Montreal from 9pm-12am! As always, our resident DJ, Ervin Arana will be in the house providing the tunes to bring you that unique CA vibe and keep the cyphers hype all night long! We will also have official Cypher Adikts merchandise for sale that includes some of our newest items for Spring/Summer!


936912_10200770342477541_1225023464_nFor this edition of the Cypher Adikts flier, we featured the Bay Areas very own Top Rock &
most importantly CYPHER master, Whacko! This man has been to a few of our past CA’s and most recently took the trip down for our San Diego Edition where photographer Darlene Bada snapped the action shot. Whacko comes through and represents all night, non stop and in every circle. Not only at Cypher Adikts, but at other events we’ve ran into him as well. So we thought it was only fitting to feature him on the flier for this months edition. Not only because he supports the CA movement, but because he truly lives and embraces the lifestyle.





This time around we’ve also paired up with Sweet SOMTechnique for the 3rd Edition of Skillz-o-Meter 1v1 Bboy/Bgirl Battlle for $1500 cash! SOM goes off the following day, Saturday May 11th with Judges Menno (Hustle Kidz/Defdogs), Palmer (HaiKORO) and Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts). DJ’s for the night include Lean Rock (Floor Lords) and Montréal’s own Benny Lava (illmask). The night will not only consist of battles, SOM will also host 2 exhibition battles, one between Vicious Victor (MFkids, FLA) vs Sancho (Fresh Format, Montréal) and then Lil Tony (Beast Coast, NJ) vs Vicious (Sweet Technique/Boogie Brats)!

It doesn’t stop there! The weekend will also consist of workshops with Bboys Menno & Vicious Victor, an official after party at Jukebox after Saturdays jam and then finally a Bboy BBQ on Sunday May 12th to close out the weekend!

If you haven’t planned already, make sure you get to it! If you live anywhere around Montréal, this is where you’ll want to be!

SEE YOU SOON CANADA!! We’re hyped to witness how our neighbors to the North get down!


New Location for tonight!!!! Here’s the address:
9 Sainte-Catherine East #101 Montreal. 
Please spread the word by sharing the updated flier.