What is Cypher Adikts?

Cypher Adikts is not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself …

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Straight Footage

Fatlace.com Interview with Jeskilz


If you haven’t already, make sure you go over to Fatlace.com to read up on their most recent interview with the woman behind the Cypher Adikts movement, Jeskilz.

Conducted by East3, she breaks down some of her History from her days in Paris, New York, LA and worldwide! She also shares her views on Hip Hop Culture and what inspires her to continue repping, being a community leader and why it’s so important to have an event like Cypher Adikts today.

“Raw circles, dim lights, no judges or music interruption is what C.A is all about, we’re taking the dance and culture back to it’s purest form. Everyone who shows up is put on the same pedestal so it’s on you to rep and stand out.  But most of all this jam is all about having fun!”

This interview is packed with a lot of dope insight and offers a great perspective not only as a member of the community, but as a woman in the community who’s actively making moves and representing.

“Breaking is an art form. There’s no such thing as the perfect body type for it, therefor I don’t believe physical abilities are what create differences. Anyone who takes this dance seriously and respects it can shine through it. You’re either dope at what you do or you haven’t figured it out yet but don’t let the boy vs girl theory become an excuse.


Click here to read the entire interview.

Cypher Adikts San Diego Recap

Last weekend we finally got the chance to bring Cypher Adikts to San Diego Cali for the first and hopefully not the last! We have a special place in our hearts for our SD Fam. CA San Diego LancerThey’ve been taking the trip up to LA for pretty much every single CA since we first started, and you better believe that when SD’s in the house, they rep hard! This time around was no different. We were completely blown away with the amount of support we received. We even had folks come down from Los Angeles, Inland Empire, The Bay and other areas, just to come and party with the Adikts!

The venue was really ill! We had the pleasure of having the event at El Centro Cultural del la Raza, located within SD’s historic Balboa Park. The venue serves as a community center and gallery CA San Diego Prada-Gwhich also features works from local Latin Artists. All of the art pieces in the building added to our classic CA flavor! We were quickly able to transform the venue into a complete party atmosphere with a little help from the centers staff and the CA Team along with Dyno Rock and his crew, Cypher City Kings! Thanks for hooking up CA with such a dope venue! We feel every venue since our anniversary has been a huge step up, and this one was definitely on our favorites’ list!

CA San Diego RoxRite&SquidRockShout outs and thank you’s go out to EVERYONE that was in the house on April 5th, plus all the people who reposted and helped spread the word about CA through social media! We know there were also a few people that were in route and didn’t make it on time, but we appreciate your efforts as well and we hope you can catch us at a future CA! We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate the on-going support. All the sweat that goes into creating Cypher Adikts is for you, and we hope you continue to enjoy the party!

We also want to thank Dyno Rock, Ann Smooth and the entire Cypher City Kings squadDSC_7201
for including CA as the official Pre-party for “No Holdin’ Back”, which was equally a great success on the following day! Cyphers were insane! But we wouldn’t expect anything less from SD! Congrats on a fun event and thank you for equally helping to promote our event along with yours, you guys are doing a great job in uplifting your community and they’re lucky to have peeps that really care about this Culture. Much Love to ALL of you!

DSC_7111Last but not least, a big big THANK YOU to Rock So Fresh for showing us so much love that weekend. These guys were the perfect hosts and put up with all of us all weekend! Non-Stop! Thanks for making us feel at home and we look forward to more good times with all of you!





Be sure to stop by our photo gallery to check out more snap shots from Cypher Adikts San Diego.

Until next time, stay Fresh San Diego!


Photos Credit: Emajyn & Darlene Bada

#CypherAdikts Instagram Contest

We’ve had several people tag us on Facebook and Instagram to pictures of themselves rocking the CA gear, but we thought we would take the tagging one step further to better reflect what we’re about! We love the support we’ve received from our community, but to us being a Cypher Adikt is more than repping a logo, it’s about representing where it counts, in THE CYPHERS! So that’s what we want to see! Post up the illest action photo of yourself on Instagram to show us your true Cypher Adikt lifestyle!


Here’s what you need to do:

1) Repost this Promo flier and tag #CypherAdikts

2) Post the best action photo of yourself getting down in a Cypher and tag #CypherAdikts

– The photo must not look posed, and the surroundings should represent an actual cypher. This means no shots of yourself in a “contest” even if there is a circle surrounding you. It must be an actual cypher at a jam or night club. Our team knows how to spot ’em so no staged shots please.

– Tell us where the picture was taken.

– Let us know who you are, and who you rep!

3) We will review all entries and decide who has the best photo!

One winner will be chosen each month and He or She will get to chose from any 2 of our CA Tee’s from our web store! PLUS, your Cypher shot will be featured on the following months promo Flier!

Remember: One winner is chosen every month! So if we don’t get ya’ the first time, you still get a chance! Contest Begins today so start tagging away!! #CypherAdikts


*Contestants are not obligated to be pictured wearing Cypher Adikts Merchandise.

*contest is limited to Instagram posts only.



Cypher Adikts x No Holdin’ Back

We’re getting really close to our San Diego edition of Cypher Adikts! SD has always shown us so much support in the past, driving hours in traffic on a Friday night to LA is serious business. So we can appreciate when we see the SD folks come through our doors.

Some of those that frequent include crews like Rock So Fresh, originally out of San Diego. When these guys show up, best believe they’re reppin’ in the circles all night! We’ve posted about them in the past after the Cypher City Kings Anniversary where they had an exhibition battle against one of Europe’s most notorious squads, Flow Mo. So it was only fitting that we featured one of their members on our SD flier, King Saso.

Saso is no stranger to the circles, having won numerous Cypher King awards, he was the perfect representation for our SD Edition. The photo was also taken by one of our most supportive photographers, Still1, who is also a member of the RSF Family. His images have been featured on countless CA Fliers and have helped set the tone of our classic format.

This time around we teamed up as the official pre-party event for “No Holdin’ Back”! A 1 vs 1 Bboy/Bgirl battle concept adapted by one of the members of Flow Mo, Wartecs. The San Diego edition of NHB will serve as the official West Coast Qualifier for a chance to win a FREE flight to Finland to represent the US at the Flow Mo Anniversary this June!

The concept itself is very interesting:


– No round limit

– No time limit

The battles will be judged by 3 judges whom each hold a white flag that they will raise clearly in the air as soon as they individually know who the winner is of each battle. After raising the flag a judge can not raise the flag again or change their mind. Raising a flag can be done straight after the first round, during some round, or even after 10 ROUNDS or more.

When all 3 judges know who they will vote for – the battle is over even if its in the middle of someones solo. After the battle the host will count “1,2,3” and judges will point clearly with their flags whom they think which dancer they wanna vote as the winner of the battle.”

Here’s some footage of the final battle from last years world finals…

You can’t lose going to these two events! You already know how CA gets down, and who wouldn’t want the chance to go to Finland!? PLUS we have DJ’s Mane One & Ervin Arana providing the tunes to get you movin’! So there you have it! There’s no where else to be on Friday April 5th & Saturday April 6th! Make sure you don’t miss out on one of the ILLEST weekends in San Diego, Cali! Hope you’re ready for it!

for more info make sure to visit the Cypher Adikts SD & No Holdin’ Back event pages.


CYPHER ADIKTS TAIWAN RECAP: Not the usual Quantity, but always full of QUALITY!

About 2 weeks ago we traveled to Taipei City, Taiwan for Culture Shock Hip Hop week! There was so much going on! The “Doin It In The Park” Toprock battles, Freestyle Session 3vs3 qualifier, a crew battle and 1 on 1 bboy comps as well as Cypher Adikts as part of the weeks events. The line up was intense but the best part of the trip was being able to connect with the local scene and hang out with some of our Fam.

Cypher Adikts went down on Saturday night February 16th. It was held in a venue quite like our original venue in Los Angeles. Just a studio space that we would transform to give it the classic Cypher Adikts feel. The ambiance and lighting were on point and the sound system was off the hook!  We couldn’t have asked for a better space. We opened our doors as usual, and people began to come in, ready to get down. We will be as honest as possible and say that the attendance for this edition of Cypher Adikts definitely wasn’t what we had expected. We usually always have CA on Friday nights, but due to some small  mis-communications we ended up having to plan it for Saturday night, right before the Biggest competition day for the week. If you’ve ever been to Cypher Adikts then you definitely know that the circles get INTENSE. So understandably, many of the Bboys & Bgirls who were competing were most likely resting up for the next day. Regardless, were extremely thankful for those that came through to support.

Usually we’re running around throughout the entire night trying to make sure everything’s going smoothly, but for the first time ever we had a chance to just relax and vibe out with everyone. To name a few, we were blessed to have the support of people like Bboy Aya (MZK), El Nino (Floor Lords), DJ Renegade, Whacko who brought the social party dance to life!, MexOne MK&MG from the Bboy Spot, and best of all, we had the one and only Ken Swift come through our doors. It was crazy to see Kenny get down ALL NIGHT, you can definitely tell he was having a great time, and THAT right there got everyone hyped! The man is a true Cypher Adikt and we were crazy excited that he came through to support and experience CA. Shout out to Ervin Arana for killing it once again on the tables! He made sure to keep the party going for everyone all night!

We’re also very happy to have had some of the local Bboys show their love in the circles! Although we didn’t get the response we had hoped for, we didn’t leave disappointed. We’re thankful to have been brought out to share this movement with another country, and we hope that the next time we come around to Taiwan, we’ll reach far more. We created Cypher Adikts to share the importance of the essence of this culture and so far it’s always been a great success. This experience in Taiwan was a great reminder that the purpose of it all is to inspire and enlighten rather than to expect a successful jam. Taiwan has some amazing talent, but the scene is still young and only seems to be exposed to major competition events. So we would love to keep on building with the community there to hopefully return in the future and witness a difference.

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who came through to support. Shout out to Yorick for being a great host, bringing us out and including us in Culture Shock Hip Hop Week it was a great experience! Last but definitely not least we would like to send a huge shout out to Mex One of the Bboy Spot for helping us set up for the event!! He put in work!!! We couldn’t have done it without you! THANK YOU BROTHA!! Looking forward to the next one!

Check out this quick clip from Cypher Adikts Taiwan. We didn’t have the chance to fully document this time around but thanks to MK of The Bboy Spot Europe for capturing a few moments from the night…

Cypher Adikts on Strife.TV

It’s been almost a month since our 2 year Anniversary party in Los Angeles, but just looking at this footage has us feeling hype like it was only yesterday! The folks over at Strife.TV put together this quick recap from the nights festivities. Short & Sweet, but packed full of ill CA moments! If you were in town and missed out, we definitely feel for ya’! For everyone else, make sure you catch CA when we make our way to a town near you!

Shouts to Strife.TV for coming through to experience our event and putting together this clip to share with the world. As always, Thank you to EVERYONE who came through to support the Cypher Adikts 2 year Anniversary! Check it out!

If you’re not in this video, stay tunned for a more extended clip that we have in the works, coming soon!

Culture Shock Taiwan x Cypher Adikts! – UPDATED

Next month Cypher Adikts will be taking the party to our first overseas event of 2013! The Culture Shock Hip Hop Festival, Going down February 14th – 17th in Taipei City, Taiwan!

We’re mad excited to be a part of this festival, in the past we’ve heard nothing but great things about it. So naturally we were very honored that they wanted to include C.A. as part of the festivities! It’s the perfect opportunity for us to experience Taiwan’s Hip Hop scene and to share the Cypher Adikts movement with another part of the world.

There’s so much happening that week and the caliber of people involved is insane! The Bboy Spot, Cros One, Ken-Swift, Floor Phantom, DJ Renegade, Bounce and the list goes on. The event will also be hosting battles for 1v1 Top Rock, 3v3 Bboy/Bgirl, Bboy Survivor Series 1v1 with guest Thesis & El Nino from the US and much more! With all the competitions going on, the addition of Cypher Adikts makes the perfect opportunity for dancers to just come out and vibe, let loose and party!

The Cypher Adikts team will be in full effect in Taipei City! Jeskilz will be a guest judge during The Battle Circle Crew vs Crew Bboy/girl Battles, and the Freestyle Session Qualifier. While DJ Ervin Arana will be in the house spinning during various events and closing out the week at the official after party!

Be sure to check back with us for more updates on Cypher Adikts Taiwan as the date gets closer. For now, check out the flier below for a breakdown of the events happening at Culture Shock Hip Hop Week, and click HERE for info on workshops and more!

Can’t wait to party with all the Cypher Adikts of Taiwan!


   A couple months back we brought Cypher Adikts to Europe for our first official overseas event! We were included as part of the Hip Hop weekend in Slovakia (Bratislava), which also included the event Dance Factor, organized by BJ Piggo along with the help of MG & MK of The Bboy Spot Europe.

Not only were we hyped that we would be taking C.A. to Europe for the first time, we were also very excited to be able to host our event at an actual nightclub “Nu Spirit”, without any age restrictions, something close to impossible in the states. Bringing the party back into the scene has always been the main focus of C.A. It’s really important for us to be able to have kids and teenagers be apart of it so that the mentality of getting down just to have fun would come back and carry on with the future generations. Therefore having full access to such a dope venue was a blessing.

BBoys & BGirls from allover Europe came out to support, some of them had even driven for hours just to make it to the jam and leave the next day. We had no idea on the amount of love we would recieve. It was unexpected but left us feeling assured that this movement was definitely making it’s impact far beyond the U.S.

At some point throughout the night, we were worried we would run out of space. Cyphers were getting smaller and smaller but the energy kept rising and the issue became non-existent. Spacing didn’t stop anyone from repping and killing it all night! The level of skills we saw out there were also very impressive! As tiny as those cyphers were nobody was holding back! Being able to share the C.A. movement in Europe with so many talented Bboys & Bgirls was definitely a huge highlight of 2012.

Shout out to BJ Piggo of Dance Factor and MG & MK of the Bboy Spot Europe for wanting to bring Cypher Adikts to their home country! Cypher Adikts will be returning to Slovakia July 25th 2013 as part of the “Super Hip Hop Week” ! Make sure you don’t miss it.

In the meantime, check out this highlight clip of Cypher Adikts Europe! Also, stop by the BboySpot.com, for a full recap of the week end in Slovakia featuring Cypher Adikts X Dance Factor! Click here to read.



There’s only one word to describe how we felt about The Cypher Adikts 2 Year Anniversary that went down last Friday….. SUCCESS!! There was so much planning that went into this event, from the Venue, whether or not to have a special guest, giveaways for the people coming through, etc etc. we exhausted every angle. In the end we couldn’t have been happier with the outcome we had!

In the past 2 years every C.A. has been different in terms of atmosphere and vibe. People can sometimes misunderstand  the mission behind Cypher Adikts. That’s its not about over doing it by fighting to take over the circle, but more about bringing the party back and preserving the essence of our culture. This time around we can honestly say that the community came out for a real CELEBRATION! Everywhere you looked there were just massive amounts of people just buggin’ out! Not only Bboys and Bgirls, we had ALL styles of dance under one roof!!

The venue was definitely an important aspect of the event. We decided to change the venue this time around but still wanted to preserve the underground feeling previously created at the Basement. An old warehouse within the industrial area of Downtown Los Angeles. As you approach the building you automatically look to double check that you’re at the right place. Followed by a path of stairs that led everyone through a dim hallway that led to your final destination,  Room 318. Once inside you were transported back to the classic Cypher Adikts atmosphere. It was perfect.

For our anniversary we also wanted to add a little something special in terms of sound. As most know from our previous events, our DJ Ervin Arana always comes through with the ill beats! This time around he reached out to the Los Angeles based band Jungle Fire, to collaborate on a special set specifically for our event. The two got together to produce covers of some of the most illest afro-latin break beat instrumentals we’ve ever heard. The end result? Pure musical genius! We want to send a huge thank you to Ervin Arana who never fails to come through with his musical selection. And of course, the amazing and talented musicians of Jungle Fire for honoring us with their incredible performance! We found ourselves just wanting to watch them perform the entire time! These musicians are LEGIT! We encourage everyone to follow them closely and support their music as well as their local performances. Get to know ’em!

Special shout out to Still1, who provided the image we used for our flier, the giveaway poster and for the Limited edition 2 year Anniversary Tee. This man has supported every C.A. event since day one, and has provided some of the shots featured on our fliers these past 2 years! Thank you for the ongoing Love!

Shouts to our host with the most Koolski!! Who’s voice gets the party people feeling HYPE throughout the night!! You definitely add that extra touch of excitement to every Cypher Adikts event! Thank you.

To the Cypher Adikts staff, who worked for over 10 hours to prepare for this event, THANK YOU! The hard work definitely paid off!

Last but not least, The most important part of the event? YOU, our supporters! Cypher Adikts would definitely not be the same without the support of our community. People came out from all over Los Angeles, Cali, Arizona, Chicago and the list goes on! An hour before the event we already had a line of about 100 people that came ready to party! It was insane! We wanted to make sure we showed our appreciation to every person who came through the door. As a way to say “thank you” we put together gift packs for the first 200 guest, plus posters for everyone who attended. We hope you liked the goodies and above all we hope everyone had an amazing time. THANK YOU for your endless support throughout these past 2 years! There was no better way for us to begin our journey into 2013, and we’re more motivated than ever to keep on sharing the Cypher Adikts movement worldwide.

There were so many great moments throughout the night that we can’t pin point them all. If you missed it, we’re sorry but you definitely had to be there! In the meantime you can check out some of the shots from our 2 Year Anniversary in our photo gallery, captured by the talented Vinnie Estrada. We will also be uploading more shots as we get them in throughout the week. Enjoy!


Last month we teamed up with Moy and the Break Free Community Center to bring Cypher Adikts in Houston,TX as part of the 4th annual Break Free event. With Bboys coming from all over the world it was the perfect opportunity to start of the week end with a dope vibe and chill time at Cypher Adikts until the madness of the seven 2 smoke and 2vs2 took place the next 2 days.

There was incredible talent in town but we had no idea who would actually show up to our jam because so often competitors would rather save themselves for the contests and judges would not really wanna put their rep on the line. None of that went down that night, everyone came through to cypher non stop and you could tell it was second nature, nobody was trying too hard or over doing it to prove a point, some circles were bigger than others so depending on who was running it the vibe was constantly changing.

On the other hand it was disappointing to see a group of people hide in the back sitting down and practicing moves so for a second it  felt like a failure and I wanted to get on the mic to scream “whats wrong with you people!!!” But then i remembered why  starting Cypher Adikts back then felt like a necessity to me. Only few had kept that mentality alive but most had buried it or never even been exposed to it so expecting everyone to just get it was kind of delusional and in the end was the perfect motivation to keep on going strong so that hopefully things would continue to involve and if not this time for some of them maybe the next!

Big shout out to everyone who came to Cypher Adikts and much respect to Moy and Havikoro as well as everyone involved with the center for giving back so much to the community and being such a strong inspiration to the youth. It was an honor to be involved with Break Free 2012 and we are looking forward to the next one!

Check out the highlight clip, hope you enjoy!