What is Cypher Adikts?

Cypher Adikts is not just a jam it’s a movement born out of a necessity in today’s community to bring balance in our culture. Away from the competitions and music interruption this jam is all about keeping it raw and representing to the fullest. There’s not much more to say, the name speaks for itself …

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Straight Footage


When we first started Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles, the idea was to bring the party back into the scene and return to a more spontaneous approach of the dance. While competing, it basically doesn’t matter what the DJ is playing unfortunately the focus is on the performance so you’re forced to deliver no matter what, but when it comes to cyphering at a party  there is no rules but to have fun and get lose so why get caught up in the idea that you HAVE TO break with fury all night or even start random battles for no reason.

Music leads us and not the other way around, if the DJ decides to switch up the vibe on you why stick to the same flow and energy while getting down, you won’t get extra credit for going off the chain on a slower funky beat or top rocking while dancing with a girl, as a matter of fact you will contribute to the idea many people have that Bboys and Bgirls can’t dance!

This clip is the perfect reflection of what Cypher Adikts is all about, and for those who wonder if it was some kind of showcase everyone was waiting for forget about it! Ervin Arana is smooth on the tables and keeps the party rocking no matter what style he’s on, shout out to Noel (Skill Methodz Crew) and Garret for following the music’s lead, this was definitely the highlight of the night!



Nowadays talented kids in the scene is becoming a very common thing to see, between YouTube, all the dance commercials and movies out there many young “bboys” and “bgirls” are born everyday inspired by what the media is throwing out there but sadly for the community breaking becomes more of a career  early on for many of them rather than a culture fully lived and experienced.

The main purpose of Cypher Adikts is to preserve the roots  of this dance by bringing those who share the same state of mind together and it’s refreshing to be able to witness very young catz representing with the right mind and approach. Check out this battle that went down at Cypher Adikts HoustonTX during Break Free’s weekend, between 12 year old P-nut from Self-X Crew (Chicago) and Lil D of Break Free (Texas), very different styles and skills but two bboys definitely repin right!


Cypher Adikts LA Highlight clip

Last Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles was epic! The house was full and it quickly got HEATED up in there but that didn’t stop all the raw bboys and bgirls from getting down all night. So many people from different cities, states and country were in town due to the Freestyle Session 15 year Anniversary and many of us were glad to reconnect with friends we hadn’t seen in a while. So much was going on that night we knew cameras would not be able to catch what would really go down so filming became our last priority and we decided to let this one be all in the mind.

But Strife.TV came through to film  and gave us access to their raw footage (big shout out the the team!) so I decided to make a little  highlight clip from it as an addition to all the great memories we’ve built so far from our previous jams. Thanks to everyone who came to support, hope you enjoy the clip even if you didn’t make it (a lot of us didn’t make the footage lol).



Interview with Wicked & Mr Do of the legendary Phaze II crew

When you talk about the Chicago scene and it’s community involvement, the first name to be mentioned is “Phaze II”, so when they reached out to us with the intention of bringing Cypher Adikts to their hometown, not only was it an honor but it was also a great opportunity to build and take a closer look into their everyday effort towards the community and learn more about their deep rooted history.

After a successful jam at “Boocoo Cultural Center”, we sat down with Wicked and his older brother Mr Do, and had the chance to listen to their incredible journey and life struggle that always kept this family/crew together no matter what.

Being able to share that moment with them was very humbling and extremely inspiring. Many people out there possess skills that they can apply on the floor and get props for, but few have the ability to go beyond and leave a strong impact on others by devoting themselves to a greater cause. Through Cypher Adikts we are really on a mission to shine the light on those  individuals we don’t hear enough about and that’s why this interview was really important to us, we hope you enjoy it as much as we did.





It’s been almost a week since our last Cypher Adikts in LA! So much has happened since, that it was hard to find the perfect moment to write and fully describe how thankful we are to everyone that came out and supported. Preserving the quality of C.A’s dope & grimy vibe in LA is always our number one priority. Los Angeles is where it all started and where we always want to go back when it’s gone a lil’ too long without it.

With Freestyle Session 15 year anniversary going on that same weekend, we knew people from all over the world would come to experience C.A for the first time. It was for that reason that we stuck with the real deal by not making it happen at a different venue, where we probably would have gained in space and temperature control, but for sure would have lost the authentic and unique feeling of our jam. We apologize for the heat, the AC was on blast but twice the amount of people than the usual came through and with the underground structure of The Basement, it quickly turned into a sauna. Lol! It didn’t stop us from having a great time but it was definitely a learning experience in terms of making sure we always provide the best conditions to those who come to rep hard and put their rep on the line.

Even though we feel like it was a successful night based on all of the positive feedback we received from people who had a blast and went home very inspired, it’s important for us to let everyone know that we’re not taking that support for granted. We’ve been blessed to have had the opportunity of spreading the Cypher Adikts mentality by taking our jam to different states and countries. However, we won’t forget where we came from. Quality is what we want to maintain and we’re not about to compromise that, so we are looking forward to the next Cypher Adikts in Los Angeles with a more intimate atmosphere, and guarantee to provide the appropriate environment in order to assure a successful jam in every way possible.

Big shout out to those who came and didn’t let the heat stop their addiction and a special thank you to Mex One, Gina and Sahra of The BBoy Spot for being part of our team that night! Your help was major!

Check out some of the pictures from Cypher Adikts LA taken by Photographer Vinnie Estrada, the highlight clip will be coming soon.



Last saturday Cypher City Kings celebrated their 5th year anniversary in San Diego and had everyone hyped up with the exhibition battle they had announced between Rock So Fresh and Flow Mo crew. Anything set up and organized usually tends to take away the raw feeling of a real battle but in this case those two crews went at it cypher style and did not disappoint! Each round was fire, definitely one of the illest battle we’ve seen in a while. Much props to Rock So Fresh and Flow Mo for bringing the heat through out the entire battle and to Cypher City Kings for making it happen. Check it out!


About a month ago we teamed up with the legendary PhazeII Crosstown Crew and Boocoo Cultural center to bring Cypher Adikts to Chicago.
We had been told that mostly competition events were happening in the city and only a few catz had that raw cypher mentality in them so once again we had no idea what to expect but hoped to at least open up a few minds.

Before the doors even opened, the big line on the street set the tone of the night showing how motivated and igear to rep bboys and bgirls in Chicago were.  The vibe kept switching up as time was going by and even when we though the jam had reached it’s pick and would come to an end, Ervin would flip it on the tables and  new cyphers would rise up again keepin it going strong.
The best part of that night was the feeling of “reuniting again”, many people from different states hadn’t seen each other in a while and this was the perfect environment to bug out and reconnect.

It was an honor to make this happen along with Wicked, PhazeII and everyone involved with Boocoo Center who worked so hard to make Cypher Adikts Chicago one of the dopest experience so far. We are definitely  looking forward to come back in the future and create new memories.
Big shout out to Biggest&Baddest/The Bboy Spot for their constant  help and support towards our mission.

We also wanna thank Red Bull BC one who had their big Qualifier event the next day and spontaneously provided shuttles to and from C.A for all the competitors and judges wanting to come get down.
And of course much love and respect to all the bboys and bgirls who came through but also represent that  mentality on the everyday basis.

Check out the highlight clip from Cypher Adikts Chicago,  the footage is grimy as usual and some of you might complain about it but this is how we do! Nobody wants to be holding a camera while raw cyphers are going down so if you want a clear vision of the jam just COME!






Next Cypher Adikts will be August 31st

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cypher adikts chicago Self-X crew vs Crooks Crew

Check out the battle between Self-X and Crooks Crew that went down a few weeks ago during Cypher Adikts Chicago. We had been warned about the city’s wildness but definitely underestimated the truth behind it and ironically it is what made this jam unique and special. Thanks to Chong for capturing this epic moment that will forever stay a classic Cypher Adikts battle for all of us present  at the jam (for some more than others lol), and for everyone else who didn’t make it we hope that you enjoy the clip but trust us when we say you truly missed out!

Much respect to both crews for doing their thing,



We’re about to end this month on fire and start the next one with madness!!!

Everyone in town between August 31st & September 2nd get ready for a non stop week end of action. For all the Cypher Adikts out there come to catch wreck on Friday night @The Basement from 9pm to 12am. No age limitation and free for parents bringing their kids to the jam. No competitions or set up rules, just dope music and straight up raw cyphers!

That same week end, the legendary Freestyle Session celebrates its 15 Year Anniversary live at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California at the famed LA LIVE. The Official pre party will start on friday night as well but will go on to at least 2am with a more dress up and social party kind of feel. The battles will go down the following saturday and sunday at the same location, check out www.FreestyleSession.com for more info on the event line up.

Looking forward to this, spread the word out!



Always had mad love and respect for Rock So fresh, not only because they have been truly representing what a crew should be on and off the floor for the last 10 years but also because the name defenitly suits them well. Everywhere they go their presence is always strongly felt and when it comes to Cypher Adikts these guys dont play!

Since the jam started in LA begining of last year, the members of Rock So Fresh have been going out of their way to make it and show support every time. Considering the fact that they have to drive all the way from San Diego and that the time spent in the car back and forth is longer than the jam itself , it is safe to say that this crew does not pretend and it’s addiction to the cyphers is no joke!

Not too long ago i came across a video they had made a while back called ” Rock So Fresh at Cypher Adikts” and after watching it i really wanted to shout them out for being so down and being an exemple of what ” doing it for the love ” means. We don’t give out trophies or money prices but it’s really important for us to shine the light on those who keep this mentality steady and really embrace it as a life style. This crew represents that!

Much respect to E-Swift, Eddie Styles, Saso, Destijl, Godoyski, Optic, Sumo, Koolski, ill photographer Still1 and newest member Crissy B. Your presence at Cypher Adikts is always  appreciated and we hope to see you in the house again August 31st.

In the main time stay fresh!


Note: upcoming battle between Rock So Fresh & Flow Mo: