Always had mad love and respect for Rock So fresh, not only because they have been truly representing what a crew should be on and off the floor for the last 10 years but also because the name defenitly suits them well. Everywhere they go their presence is always strongly felt and when it comes to Cypher Adikts these guys dont play!

Since the jam started in LA begining of last year, the members of Rock So Fresh have been going out of their way to make it and show support every time. Considering the fact that they have to drive all the way from San Diego and that the time spent in the car back and forth is longer than the jam itself , it is safe to say that this crew does not pretend and it’s addiction to the cyphers is no joke!

Not too long ago i came across a video they had made a while back called ” Rock So Fresh at Cypher Adikts” and after watching it i really wanted to shout them out for being so down and being an exemple of what ” doing it for the love ” means. We don’t give out trophies or money prices but it’s really important for us to shine the light on those who keep this mentality steady and really embrace it as a life style. This crew represents that!

Much respect to E-Swift, Eddie Styles, Saso, Destijl, Godoyski, Optic, Sumo, Koolski, ill photographer Still1 and newest member Crissy B. Your presence at Cypher Adikts is always  appreciated and we hope to see you in the house again August 31st.

In the main time stay fresh!


Note: upcoming battle between Rock So Fresh & Flow Mo:



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