Strife.TV interviews Ervin Arana

DSC_7048In addition to our supporters, one of the most important components that has contributed to the success & vibe of Cypher Adikts is the DJ. Ours, is Ervin Arana.

Not only does Ervin have a rich history within the
community as a well respected Bboy, throughout the years he has rocked LA nightlife at places such as Zanzibar, United Grooves, Carbon’s Low Key and more notably one of LA’s most legendary nights The Root Down, where he served as one of their resident DJ’s. Needless to say, Ervin comes from a true Party Rocking background which made him the perfect fit into bringing that ill party vibe into CA. His background as a dancer largely contributes to his style, he understands what gets dancers going, and what will keep the people hyped for more. He’s spun at countless jams outside of CA and also serves as resident DJ at Homeland in Long Beach where you can see him giving back to his community by helping out new and aspiring DJ’s perfect their craft.

197871_199412303412306_6004714_nAll of the above mentioned, plus his contribution to the scene since day one is key to the vibe and mission of Cypher Adikts. A DJ like Ervin is truly  rare, and observing him throughout the years you can really see how much he cares about the music he plays. Spending countless hours digging and dedicating himself to his craft. If you don’t know ’em, we suggest you get to know ’em.


Strife.TV in collaboration with the new DJ Channel Sesh TV, recently caught up with Ervin at his home where they interviewed him about his history as a DJ, music, and Style. Take a look, and get to know Cypher Adikts very own, Ervin Arana…..


To hear some of his recent work, make sure to visit Ervin’s Soundcloud

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