Whatup Cypher Adikts,

Welcome to our official web page! It’s been a long time coming and we are really excited to finally have a place to call our own. Since January 2011 when Cypher Adikts was first established in Los Angeles, it’s been dope to see how much love and support everyone from the community has been expressing!

We are out to make a difference and give respect to a major part of our culture, something that has been there since the beginning but often tend to be forgotten: THE CYPHER.

Raw cyphers and battles are becoming rare nowadays, with so many events based on competitions all around the world, a majority of bboys and bgirls  are getting stuck in a performance state of mind. Cypher Adikts is more than a jam, it’s about bringing back the essence of our dance and culture. No trophies or awards are to be expected, only respect! and the only way to earn it is to rep.

The mission is to preserve our traditions and highlight those that live in the underground doing it for the love. You can expect blogs, videos and articles of the rawest bboys/bgirls holding down the cyphers and preserving the roots of our dance in hope to inspire the next generation to carry on the torch as future CYPHER ADIKTS.

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